20 Times People Came Home and Discovered They Had a Cat

2 years ago

Cats walk the world on their own and this is no secret. They know no borders and there is nothing that they don’t assume is theirs. People have shared many stories about how they returned home and found a cat (even though they didn’t have a pet). The boldness of some kitties is simply irresistible — they steal our tasty food or ask us to let them in with an innocent look. It seems that living in 2 homes is the norm for any cat who is allowed to spend time outdoors. Has anyone ever seen a dog split their time between 2 homes?

The good thing is that not all cats are this materialistic. We at Bright Side learned that some of them simply have too big a heart and they love all of their 2, 3, 4+ owners a lot. See for yourself.

“This is Dusty, the neighbor’s cat. He likes to run away from his family, climb onto our windowsills, and stare at my boyfriend like this every day.”

“Meet Bandit, my neighbors’ cat. Bandit has decided he likes our house better since his humans got a dog. The neighbors have pretty much given up on trying to get him to stay home. Bandit has decided a house with cats is better than a house with dogs.”

Cat eating living in 2 homes

My neighbor’s cat that always comes for pets

“His owner reported him missing once, so we got to know his name: meet Carlo, who just walks into my mom’s living room and makes himself comfortable. Also: he doesn’t come for food, he just likes the snuggles.”

“One of our neighborhood cats that visits daily”

“I fed my neighbor’s cat for 5 years until she moved and left the cat behind. She’s the dearest little girl and I don’t know how anyone can treat an animal like that. She’s now mine.”

Fish-lover. And he is not ashamed... at all.

“He’s stolen 3 bags of treats from my house and shows absolutely no remorse.”

“We just bought a house and apparently it came with a free cat?”

“Our favorite orange boy stopped coming around a few weeks ago, and I was sad and worried sick. Turns out, he moved! His real name is Milo. Maybe we’ll have the chance to visit since we now know his owner.”

A modest boy at home and a badass outside

“The neighbors just put their house up for sale. Couldn’t resist checking it out on Zoopla. Hey, that’s our cat.”

“His owners got dogs who started chasing and harassing him so he found a safe haven in my home...”

“This gorgeous kitten decided to start following my sister when she was walking to a friend’s house and would not leave her alone. She stayed with them for a couple of days and then went back home to her real family.”

“Brilliant... this is my cat, that’s not my house.”

Who was the first to get into adultery?

“Taken last week and #notmycat. Spent ages trying to gently shoo it out but was roundly ignored. In the end, I had to pick it up and physically eject it. It was *affronted*.”

“Not my cat, but she’s napped in my flowerboxes many times now, so when she visited today I gifted her the bed I had thrown together for her. I think she likes it.”

“’If I get in the bag they won’t see me,’ says not-my-cat.”

Have not-your-cats ever visited you?

Preview photo credit generoom / Twitter


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