20 Times Photographers Caught Natural Phenomena at the Right Moment and We Wonder If It’s Even Real

4 years ago

It’s undeniable that nature has a way of astonishing us, but few of us are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time in order to capture a special natural phenomenon at its finest. From experienced photographers, to amateurs who just happened to be there in good time, people share enchanting photos of nature that will magnetize everyone.

At Bright Side we’ve selected some of the most uncommon wonders on Earth and we’d love to present them to you. Don’t miss the bonus video of the ocean at the end that will make you go wow.

1. A crack in the Earth’s magnetic field allowed the Solar Wind to pour in over Norway. The Northern Lights look amazing.

2. This is a rare phenomenon called “upward-moving” lightning, also known as “ground-to-cloud” lightning and it looks like a tree.

3. We wouldn’t want to be in this passenger’s seat.

4. This perfectly shaped lava sphere coming out of the sea might look photoshopped, but it’s not.

5. Ice shards on a lake after an unprecedented freeze

6. What’s cuter than one rainbow? A double-rainbow!

7. That’s a really weird way for the snow to naturally slide down your windshield.

8. This amazing bubbly lake surface makes you wanna touch it.

9. Glowing bioluminescent phytoplankton makes this beach look like something out of a fairytale.

10. An underwater forest in Cape Town

11. Vatnajökull in Iceland has Europe’s largest glacier. The cave shimmers blue due to sunlight refraction.

12. Lightning dancing with a rainbow is a once in a lifetime shot.

13. Morning dew on a ladybug

14. This rainstorm looks incredibly close.

15. Death Valley in the USA looks like a giant floor.

16. Have you ever seen a frozen wave? Well, here’s one!

17. The sight of this moisture soaked dandelion is just mesmerizing to look at.

18. Rainbow eucalyptus is the happiest of all trees and looks like a painting.

19. А shimmering sun halo is a rare sight.

20. Pele’s hair or witch’s hair are individual droplets of lava caught by the wind and stretched into glass wires.

Bonus: An Australian beach froths up foamy waves during a big storm.

We hope that you are as astonished as we are. Do you like being close to nature? Have you ever observed such bewildering phenomena? Share your moments of wonder with us in the comments.


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19. A circle rainbow is a rare sight - its not a rainbow, its a halo. The rainbow does not form around the sun. The sun must be behind the observer and not higher than 42 degrees above the horizon.


If I ever see this rolling snow on my car, I will definitely try to keep it frozen. It's lovely! I like it!


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