20+ Times the Japanese Totally Conquered Our Hearts

4 years ago

Japan has never failed to surprise the world with its unusual things — be it their eccentric fashion, finding a hundred flavors of Kit-Kat, or their sharp punctuality and work culture. But it doesn’t just stop there. The Japanese are always striving toward bettering everything around them especially when it comes to technology, their lifestyle, and the environment.

Bright Side compiled 22 instances where the Japanese completely stood out with their unique, yet remarkable acts that surely struck a chord in our hearts.

22. Somebody in Japan knocked over a person’s bike. He left this note with 1,000 yen saying: “I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke the bell. I am very sorry.”

21. Japan really cares for its people — they have a cane holder at the ATM for the aging population.

20. A cafe in Japan hires paralyzed people to control robot waiters so they can still make an income.

19. The Japanese soccer team cleaned their changing room, leaving a thank you note for the hosting country at the FIFA World Cup 2018.

18. You name it, we have it.

17. Round watermelon is so cliché. How about a heart-shaped and a pyramid-shaped melon?

16. “I dropped my shopping bag on the streets of Osaka and when I went back to look for it later that day, someone had placed it next to a tree untouched.”

15. Japanese parks are so clean that it is nearly impossible to find the difference after a garbage clean-up.

14. The Japanese sure know how to market and sell their fries!

13. Meanwhile, computer chairs are designed as dinosaurs — kawaii!

12. Starbucks sells “Cherry Blossom” flavored coffee in Japan.

11. Manhole covers in Japan are legit pieces of art.

10. Believe it or not — this is an origami grasshopper.

9. A museum in Japan sells tickets made from different movie frames.

8. Legoland Japan has a world-record holder life-size Sakura tree made of over 800,000 Legos.

7. Snowmen in Japan are shaped like this!

6. This train stop in Japan doesn’t have an entry/exit point. The train stops here, so the people can enjoy the scenery.

5. They have a thing called “umbrella lockers.”

4. Meanwhile, at a public urinal...

3. Did you know that diagonal crossings existed too?

2. Chewing gum in Japan comes with a stack of paper for easy disposal.

1. This is not the food from a high-end restaurant. This is hospital food in Japan.

Have you been to Japan? Do you know other unique things about “The Land of the Rising Sun”? Let us know what surprised you the most about the Japanese in the comments.

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Ahh.. I would like to know how sakura tastes.
If I even come to Japan, this starbucks sakura coffee will be the first thing I try :D


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