20 Touching Family Moments That Describe Love Better Than Any Words Could

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2 years ago

Home is a place where you can feel surrounded by care, warmth, and understanding from your relatives. We all have our own special moments that make us value our family members so much. Some people wear bicycle helmets together and some bake cakes that are not perfect, but very special.

We at Bright Side are completely sure that making our loved ones happy is easy.

1. “He’s lost 90 lbs and I’ve lost 135 lbs. We wanted to be healthy so we could grow old gracefully together, and be around as long as possible for our kids.”

2. “This is the bear I made of the sweatshirt that my dad was wearing in their last picture together. The paws have speakers with recordings of old voicemails. I sprayed it with his cologne.”

3. “Every morning my father places bird food in the yard for my mother to wake up to this view.”

4. “Every time my fiancé hears a song at his work that he thinks I’ll like, he writes it down on a scrap of paper to give to me when he gets home.”

5. “This is my great-grandma on her 98th birthday. My family brings her change all the time because she absolutely loves putting it in her piggy bank. Well, this year she got cash for her piggy bank — look at that face. She is adorable.”

6. “My dad was a police officer who worked in the major crash unit. I was 3 years old in this photo taken on Christmas Day. He had spent that day at a fatal car crash, where 2 children had died. I only found this out today.”

7. “I’m just glad they all get along.”

8. “As a newly single mom, I thought we could use a third member of the family. The first ride home, I knew she was the perfect addition.”

9. “This is my favorite family photo yet since bringing our little Chewy home.”

10. “For Christmas, my wife got a recording from Christmas 1973, the last year her grandmother was alive before breast cancer took her. My wife wasn’t born until 1976. This is the first time she has ever heard her grandmother’s voice.”

11. “One of my 6-month-old twin girls learned how to wave... Now it’s all she does.”

12. “My son was excited to find Daddy in his new Lego kit.”

13. She said to her mommy, “Thank you for adopting these kitties! They are the best!”

14. “Here is my wife thinking she is surprising me, scraping snow off my car, after a 12-hour night shift at the hospital. I’m a lucky fella.”

15. “My grandmother recently passed away and my mom found this card in her house. I apparently gave her 10 cents on her birthday when I was 2 and she taped it to a card and kept it her whole life.”

16. “My grandpa passed away a few months ago. I visited his house today for the first time since, and his wife has their wedding outfits hanging like this in their house. This is true love.”

17. His baby has to wear a head-shaping helmet, so he’s got the whole family wearing helmets now.

18. “My grandpa and his old friend Wynton braving the cold”

19. “My dad and I recreated a tender moment 34 years later.”

20. “My mom baked my birthday cakes for 44 years. 2 months ago she passed away, so my father did his best and made this.”

What family moments make you eager to come home in the evening?

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Very sweet of a guy, who writes down the words froma song... but have he ever heard of Shazam? :D
Warm compilation, love it :)


When I studied at university, I had to wake up early in the morning (6.30 AM or so), while my mom had to wake up at 8.30 AM for her work. She was worried that I won't eat properly, so she woke up EVERY DAY at 6.00-6.10 AM just to prepare the breakfast for me,she left it on the table for me and then went back to sleep. I didn't understand it back then, but now...
Love your parents, guys.


When I was a little girl my dad used to bake pies with me. He let me sit on the table so I could watch the process. He always made funny faces from dought to make me laugh :)


all these beautiful stories about parents doing beautiful things for their kids, its heart warming & beautiful things to read 1st thing in the morning.


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