20+ Tricky Pics That Seem to Challenge Reality

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Today, there are a lot of free puzzles and riddles ready to test your brain. But there’s always a more authentic way to give your brain a workout and sharpen your mind. For instance, scrolling through some ambiguous pics will challenge your perception and leave you double-checking everything to find out a simple yet unobvious solution.

We at Bright Side have gathered some intricate pictures that show well-known objects from multiple, unexpected perspectives.

1. “This picture makes it look like I’m holding a camel head.”

2. “These flowers look like chickens wearing glasses and holding a cake.”

3. “Baby’s been going hard on leg day.”

4. “I took this pic a few years ago and it still messes with my head.”

5. “Something went wrong with this London Underground platform, making an optical illusion.”

6. “I’ve got a mission — some magic to perform.”

7. “Enjoy this photo of my dog’s mind in the process of being blown at the sculpture park.”

8. Whose hand is that?

9. “This banana peel I saw leaving Walmart today looks just like an octopus/squid.”

10. “My friend’s gimpy arm”

11. Duckzilla hanging out in a very tiny city

12. “It looks like it’s growing from the stone.”

13. “A man with no head on the subway”

14. There’s only one question: How?

15. “A piece of glass acting as both a mirror and a window, creating this weird illusion with coat hooks”

16. “The angle of my window is just right to make the black car look like it’s part red.”

17. “The mythical 2-headed schnauzer”

18. “Bearded lady or nah?”

19. A huge bird in floating mode

20. “A photo of a friend at his pond”

21. “I took a pic of my wife with a giant sculpture of 2 old ladies.”

22. “My mother’s scarf camouflages her head with those chairs in the background.”

23. “My son’s shorts”

Have you encountered any mysterious photos? Have you been lucky enough to capture them and realize they bring you to another dimension or something?

Preview photo credit Sakazuki27 / Reddit


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