20 Users Who Were That One in a Million Person Once (Not All of Them Were Lucky Though)

3 years ago

Luck is always about being in an outstanding position, regardless of whether that means something good or something bad. Because sometimes, no matter how special you want to feel, being that one in a million person is not the greatest thing in the world. Or at least that’s how Reddit users portrayed their experiences in a thread they opened to tell their stories, ranging from contacting a top-notch Hollywood actor thanks to a Tinder mistake, to having 2 road accidents 45 minutes apart.

If you ever felt that certain special things were happening only to you, you have to read the stories that Bright Side collected. Being that one in a million means you can either be very lucky or exactly the opposite...

1. A lucky birthday

2. Meeting your wife-to-be

3. So lucky indeed...

4. A hole in the ceiling

5. He arrived fashionably early though.

6. POFL: Passing out from laughing

7. Yep, that’s tall.

8. No hash browns either!

9. I’ll think twice before saying I’m allergic to the cold again.

10. Beginner’s luck

11. Not sure how lucky this is...

12. Dating a star

13. More like 1 in 2,000,000

14. Wrong number

15. Good throw!

16. Giant Charmander means good luck!

17. A stroke of lightning instead of luck

18. An unfortunate way to make contact

These people really do have something to tell their grandchildren. What about you? Can you tell us about any of your experiences that were so unique, you felt like you were one in a million? Don’t leave us wondering and tell us your story in the comments. Don’t forget to share this article with all the special people you know, they might have a story to share as well!

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I got bitten by house lizard, even bleeded little, but nothing happened?

I havent heard anyone who have been bitten by lizard,its one in a million incident?


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