20 Vet Signs To Prove That Working With Animals Brings Out A Lot Of Hilariousness

4 years ago

Some people claim that having a pet at home can make a person feel more relaxed and happier. Apparently, having pets at work can also do wonders for your sense of humor!

We at Bright Side have gathered some photos that will prove just how hilarious and creative vets can get when it comes to putting up signs. Which one do you like best?

20. Who wants to work for a cat? Benefits? You get to cuddle your boss from time to time...

19. He can turn the doorbell into a nuclear siren!

18. I guess I'm a dog then!

17. But the Ve-Tyrannosaurus survived.

16. My new holiday motto:

15. What discrimination!

14. This is exactly why I refuse to take tests at school. If only my teachers were as understanding as vets!

13. If they hadn't caught him, he would've kept going and going and going...

12. Is that like...medicinal catnip?

11. That's why you need quick reflexes!

10. The real Snoop Dog(g):

9. Great advice inspired by a great song:

8. It suddenly makes so much sense!

7. So that's why you don't see too many cats in Las Vegas...

6. Just Beagle-ad you brought an umbrella!

5. How old is this cat?

4. And what about unattended husbands?

3. You mean in an ice cream cone?

2. Oh, I've met a couple of these cats...

1. And those with cats...don't even bother.

Have you ever seen any hilarious vet signs? Share your photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital


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