20+ Ways to Escape the Nasty Cooking Mishaps That Ruin Your Day

4 years ago

Life is full of pesky little mishaps that are always waiting around the corner, and the kitchen is no exception. From pasta boiling over, to burnt fried eggs, to cut fingers — cooking disasters can spoil anyone’s day in just a few seconds. Luckily, the art of cooking is not that hard to master.

Here at Bright Side we were happy to find these simple hacks that will make you feel like a fancy restaurant chef in your own kitchen, and we can’t wait for you to learn them too.

1. Roll up the edges of a fish steak as shown in the picture, to avoid burnt edges.

2. Use a Bundt pan when cutting corn off the cob to catch all the kernels and keep your fingers safe.

3. Use a spoon to peel boiled eggs in a perfectly neat way.

4. Put an ice cube into the pan when frying eggs. The melting ice will instantly make steam that will help cook the eggs in seconds.

5. If you leave tomato paste in a jar, it will dry out and go bad quickly. Freeze it in an ice cube tray instead and add the amount you need when cooking.

6. The ice cube tray hack is also perfect for keeping egg yolks that are left over after cooking meringues and other desserts that only use egg whites.

7. Put a wooden spoon over the pan, as shown in the picture below, to prevent your pasta from boiling over.

8. If you want to cook pasta with broccoli, boil the pasta and the broccoli in the same water. By doing this you’ll prevent the pasta from boiling over and cook both products at the same time.

9. Wrap sheet pans in foil to make cleaning faster and easier.

10. If you don’t have fancy kitchen gadgets, separate eggs with your hands. In this case you’ll be sure the egg yolk is not broken and no egg shell pieces get into the bowl.

11. All the sugar settles to the bottom of the pineapple, so if you want to enjoy some really sweet fruit, keep it upside down in the fridge for a while before you eat it.

12. A few tortillas will save your dish if you suddenly realize you’ve run out of lasagna sheets.

13. A jar lid ring will help you make a perfectly round fried egg for your breakfast sandwich.

14. Use a colander to cool your pie if you don’t have a cooling rack.

15. Place your cutting board in a sheet pan to keep your table clean when dealing with messy veggies.

16. If you want to keep bananas fresh for a long time, wrap the stems in plastic wrap. This will prevent ethylene gas from reaching the other parts of the fruits and making them ripen too soon.

17. Don’t throw bananas away if they get soft and brown all over. Squeeze them a little and freeze for later. Overripe bananas are very sweet, and they’ll come in handy if you want to make some ice cream or a smoothie.

18. If you always forget to keep the pasta water for cooking sauces, just put a measuring cup in the water. The cup will catch your attention before you pour the water out.

19. Can’t find your egg poachers? A ladle will work just fine.

20. Use some cookies to prevent Tiramisu, and similar desserts, from collapsing.

21. What could be worse than fresh pasta sticking together? Who knew hangers could solve this problem!

22. If you don’t have a steam cooker, just use a pot, a colander, and a couple of wooden spoons. This hack will also save you a lot of time when you need to cook pasta and veggies: now you can cook everything at once!

Which of these hacks would you like to try out right now? Do you have any other cooking tips to share?


But I put an ice cube in the pan, it will meal, the water with react with the oil/butter and make mess at the end. Or am I mistaken?

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