21 Cool Fathers Who Melted Our Hearts

Nothing can compare with a father’s love and care. And it’s so great when a father is the best example of a man and a role model — the strongest, the smartest, and the funniest.

Bright Side has collected 21 moving examples showing that being a father is a calling.

21. This is how adorable fathers can be:

20. This single father went to beauty school to learn to do hairstyles for his daughter.

19. “My daughter had surgery yesterday. They let her take Teddy with her. She woke up to find him looking just like her.”

18. After a long day in the office, this father still remembers what his most important job is.

17. Sometimes, fathers care a little too much.

16. But they are always fun.

15. And when you’re with dad, nothing is scary.

14. They’re always ready to play any role.

13. When your father is a real superhero:

12. Your father is someone you can always lean on.

11. “My dad, who is paralyzed from the waist down, got to walk my sister down the aisle at her wedding.”

10. Being a father means sacrificing yourself in the name of art.

9. And never missing a tea party.

8. It’s so thrilling to be with your dad.

7. “I was at the airport a while back when I saw this. This dad kept walking back and forth while his daughter was giggling the whole time.”

6. Like we said, any role at all!

5. And their daughters are the most precious people in their lives.

4. “Taking my daughter camping is one of my favorite parts of being a dad.”

3. “Dad didn’t tell us how to live, he showed us.”

2. “My dad loving the sight of his son being a dad...”

1. Fathers get so excited when they finally get to see their children.

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Preview photo credit Marilyn Nieves, Mike Kremer/Facebook


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