21 Heartwarming Family Photos That Prove Genes Can Work Wonders

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5 years ago

When a child is born, the family starts to argue over whether or not the baby looks more like the dad or the mom. The relatives start looking for similarities between the baby and the parents. But sometimes, you don’t even need to look for them because a child and a parent at the same age are practically the same. Just like the people from this compilation.

We at Bright Side are amazed at how lazy nature sometimes is when it just copies a person it had already made before. It can be unbelievable!

1. Mother and daughter at the same age

2. Even the look can be inherited from a great-grandmother.

3. “My mother and me, both at age 15.”

4. “My dad and I at the same age (28)”

5. When even the facial expression is the same:

6. Mother and son

7. “My mother and I at the same age, taken exactly 30 years apart. There’s really only one major difference.”

8. “My son and I at the same age...”

9. Charming father and son

10. “Me with my father”

11. “My son and I at the same age. I was dressed up for Halloween, he’s just doing him.”

12. The best gift for a man is a son who looks like him.

13. They even support the same team...

14. A daughter is exactly like her father.

15. “Recreated a 30-year-old photo of my dad with me at 5 weeks old. Here is me and my daughter also at 5 weeks. Note: I don’t usually wear a mustache.”

16. The children in this family are really serious...

17. These dimples and these eyes:

18. Daughters from different generations

19. The happiest family we’ve ever seen!

20. “My father and I at the same age, 30 years apart.”

21. “My mom commissioned this dress for me (left) when I was 3 years old. An 80-year-old woman made it for me. I’ve had both of my daughters photographed at the same age. I plan on having my one-year-old photographed in it once it fits her also.”

Do you know people who look just like their relatives? Tell us in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit cinecurtis / Imgur


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