20 Moving Pictures That Can Make You Overflow With Emotion — Each of Them Is Truly Heartwarming

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Imagine that you are walking in London and you see a policeman saving a duck family from a tram and then helping them cross the street. After you see such a thing, you realize that there is a lot of kindness in the world. And this is only one of the stories we would like to tell you about today.

<strong>Bright Side has prepared 20 photos that will warm your heart, leaving you very emotional.

1. Todd saw his owner almost get bitten by a snake and intervened.

2. “My incredible father got up and stood on his own today!! And he took 7 steps and my heart is so happy (he suffered from a heart aneurysm and stroke).”

3. “Rademenesa was diagnosed with an inflamed respiratory tract when he was 2 months old. He survived the ordeal and now lives at the animal shelter and keeps other sick animals company and tries to nurse them back to health.”

4. This guy helping a stray cat drink water from a public fountain

5. For happiness, a birthday cake is enough for this child.

6. “Parents, please make sure your children wear helmets! They do work!”

7. Smart kids working together to save a kitten stranded on the roof

8. “My mugshot from 2 years ago following a massive overdose, homelessness and a trip to prison. I’m now 2 years sober, living a wonderful life and happier than I ever thought I’d be!”

9. NFL running back Aaron Jones helping a random woman through the airport when there was no one available to help her

10. Hockey players can be nice.

11. This cat was saved.

12. Minnie and Mickey Mouse talking to a deaf boy in sign language at Disneyland

13. California Wildlife Center rescuers made this bird a pair of tiny “snowshoes” to help her walk again.

14. “We were told she only had a 20% chance of surviving. 1 year later and she’s absolutely perfect!”

15. This police officer helping a mama duck and her ducklings cross a tram line in England

16. “I know this looks meaningless but to me, it’s my world. My wife and daughter sleeping with their feet on me, on our couch in our home. 421 days ago I was in active addiction, homeless, putting my family through a living hell. This is my recovery: peace and purpose. I just had to share it with someone.”

17. “I had dreadlocks for 2.5 years and was told I couldn’t brush them out and would have to chop them off. 6 months of brushing and they’re all gone.”

18. “Found this sweet face while shopping at an antique store.”

19. “After about a year and a half of showing up on our porch, Snowball has improved immeasurably. She’s my perfect angel.”

20. “One of my mom’s friends has a daughter who has cerebral palsy. Today, at 4 years and 10 months old, she took her first steps.”

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