21 Original Inventions That Can Help You Live a Better Life

4 years ago

The human mind is so magnificent and unpredictable that hundreds of new inventions are born every year that we might not even be aware of. There are many great ideas out there but some of them truly make you shout with eagerness, “Take my money, just give me some of that!”

At Bright Side, we promote the uniqueness and brightness of such designs. That’s why we’ve selected some of the most unusual creations that will not only amaze you but will also restore your faith in humanity. Scroll down till the end; the bonus feature will reveal a machine that can change your daily life once and for all.

1. A sleep tracking system from a different dimension

Polarmond created this product just for nature lovers. It’s comfortable, fits in your tent, is lightweight, compact, and best of all, keeps your body at a balanced temperature.

2. A master-robot-chef in your kitchen

Moley is the world’s first robotic kitchen. A fully automated robotic kitchen with an oven, hob, sink and most importantly, a robot-chef with extraordinary culinary skills at your disposal.

3. A watch for blind people

Dot is a smart and helpful innovation that uses the Braille system to display the time and date. The Dot watch is also an alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch. Its use of vibration also makes it accessible to people with hearing problems.

4. Your car can now climb snowy mountains.

This cool invention has proven remarkable not only for people who want to travel over the mountains without getting stuck in the snow but also for emergency situations where the roads were closed because of snow. The Track N Go is the first ever wheel driven track system. After 4 tracks are installed on your vehicle, you’ll be ready to go in just 15 minutes.

5. A foot hammock that will change office life forever

Long hours at the office or studying have never been more comfortable. This portable foot hammock raises your feet to the perfect height to feel relaxed and comfy even while sitting at your desk for hours.

6. An underwater jetpack with a propeller

Cudajet was designed by a 21-year-old student and it’s mostly 3D printed. It has the power to propel you with up to 8 miles per hour underwater and it’s already proving to be very popular.

7. A survival capsule for natural disasters

The Survival Capsule has been created to save lives in case of natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes. The capsule is designed to fit 2 people, but can also be created with a capacity for up to 10 adults. Its features include storage space for food and water for up to 5 days per person, light, GPS, air vents, a toilet, and even music.

8. A bike-stroller is the perfect gift for a new mom.

If you’re a new mom and you love cycling, you’ll love this new invention by Taga Bikes. This company designed a safe and comfortable solution for both mothers and kids. The bike-stroller is also useful to pet owners who never leave home without their loyal friends.

9. 3D printed flip-flops suitable for any terrain

iGUANEYE Jungle flip-flops promise to give you barefoot comfort everywhere, from hiking on rocks to walking on sandy beaches. They’re also hygienic and most of all, they securely hold onto your foot as opposed to regular flip-flops.

10. Easily transform your bath into a baby-secure tub with BabyDam.

BabyDam designed a bathtub divider with which you can transform your regular bathtub into a safe bathing space for your baby. In addition to saving time and space, it also saves water, energy, and money. And if you have a pet, it can also be used during baths.

11. Now you have a seat wherever you go with this outfit.

It would be really awesome to have the ability to sit whenever we wanted to. Standing and waiting in line, for example, can be exhausting. Bean Bag Onesie brings the solution to this problem: never stand when you can sit! This specially designed clothing is not only comfortable but also has a bean bag on the back for you to use anytime.

12. The bed that makes itself is what we’ve all been dreaming of.

OHEA created a smart bed that makes itself in 50 seconds, saving you time, sleep, and the frustration of perfectionists who want perfectly straightened sheets. Along with the comfort that it provides, the OHEA smart bed is a suitable option for people with disabilities.

13. No matter where you’ve walked, you won’t stain the carpet.

Clean Step XTC is the ultimate solution for a clean home protected not only from dirt but also from germs. This device automatically secures shoe film in order to avoid the direct contact of soles with the floor.

14. A wheelchair that can now go up stairs

This company built a powered wheelchair that has the ability to safely climb and descend stairs without any external help. Scewo is a powerful invention helping people with disabilities be more independent in their daily life.

15. Breathe clean, fresh air even in the middle of the city.

Breaze is a new generation, anti-pollution mask that helps you enjoy the fresh air of the countryside anywhere. With its enhanced breathing system, this mask protects the human body from pollution and fumes by filtering the air.

16. The smart napkin that protects you from being drugged

KnoNap is a smart cocktail napkin capable of testing for the specific rape-drug presence in your drink. Just spill a drop of your drink onto a special part of the napkin and if the dot changes color, there are drugs in it. The company was created by a young student to protect all women from potential sexual assault.

17. A life jacket that transforms into a personal lifeboat

Cobham created a lifesaver vest that contains an individual canopy that can be used as a lifeboat. Survivor+ is a survival system that protects you not only from drowning and hypothermia but also from strong winds.

18. The new bike helmet with an airbag

If you’re a cyclist and want to ride and feel safe in the city streets, Hovding has a solution for you. Their creation is the world’s first airbag for urban cyclists.

19. A chairless chair is what all multitasking people need.

Noonee created a piece of special robotic equipment that can adjust to your legs and allows you to sit, stand, or walk whenever you want to. It’s easy to use and flexible, allowing you to make quick changes to your position.

20. Practice tennis without getting tired of collecting balls.

K-Max is an innovative tool that helps you pick up tennis balls of any kind in large quantities without bending down and getting tired. As the product description says, “It makes the most boring part about tennis, picking up tennis balls, fun!”

21. No more lost shots during games of pool

Pool Live AR created an augmented reality tool designed to help billiard players predict the course of the ball they are about to shot. The trajectories are visually shown on the table.

Bonus: A human washing machine can be used by elderly or handicapped people who prefer to shower by themselves or by anyone who may prefer a machine-assisted showering experience.

We hope that you enjoyed our collection of amazing ideas that came to life. Which invention stunned you the most and which one would you buy right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Polarmond / Facebook


#17 Is a cool things to take with you if you go to the vacation on the sea!
Bean Bag Onesie is actually perfect for a cozy weekend evening, when uyou just want to get your favorite snakcs, sit nicely and watch your favoorite series
We have Clean Step XTC in many places in my city.. It's a very cool thing, but it produces so much unneeded plastic..
I think foot hammock would be a cool thing not for office only! I like this thing, and might even buy it :)

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