21 People Whose Willpower Deserves Applause

3 years ago

Adele’s recent body transformation has become the internet’s number one topic. It’s for sure something worth admiring, but there are also tons of inspirational stories that come from people just like us. We can call them real superheroes, who’ve shown us that a healthy mind and strong will power are a win-win combination on a journey toward a better version of ourselves.

We at Bright Side gathered 21 photos of the people whose transformation not only deserves applause but at least a 5-minute standing ovation. Let’s appreciate them together!

1. “3 years and 120 lbs later”

2. “I got my braces off today.”

3. Healthy mind in a healthy body

4. “My first and last day of 1st grade cancer”

5. From eating disorder to bodybuilder

6. “I broke off contact with toxic people. I spoke about my struggles. I started telling people no instead of letting them use me. For the first time in 26 years, I started to live.”

7. “Literally HALF the man I used to be!”

8. “The first photo of me standing!”

9. “Determined to turn my life around, I quickly began implementing changes in my lifestyle. This is the result. Anything is possible!”

10. “I survived 6 brain surgeries and a stroke while studying to become a doctor. And I did it! ”

11. “My goal was to graduate before I reached 100 years of age. I made it with 33 years to spare.”

12. “Gastric bypass gave me my body back after being obese for 5 years, due to an abusive relationship.”

13. “I kept to my New Year’s resolution this year and lost the weight. You can do a lot in a year! ”

14. “80 lbs down and counting. It’s been one year since I left him. Sometimes leaving is the best thing you can do for yourself.”

15. His eyes speak louder than words.

16. “Here’s what a 70 lb weight loss does to your face.”

17. The attitude “I’m feeling good in my body” without any further explanation

18. Her smile is the best makeup.

19. From 480 Ibs to 209 Ibs in 17 months

20. “Just finished my 135 page thesis in 8 weeks instead of 9 months. Never thought I’d say this, but I’m graduating from Harvard!”

21. “I spent 10 years living in a depression, a failed marriage, and so on. But I have decided to change. And this is the result.”

Do you have some similar motivational story that could inspire others to never give up? Share it with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit theyseemErockin / Imgur


Can't believe that woman from number 10 went through 6 brain surgeries ?
Number 3 change reminded me of Zac Efron somehow! Great job ??
Happy for the guy in #15 but not sure if he should keep eating such foods when he finaly lost weight.. ?

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