21 Pics That Reveal the Harsh Reality of Work

9 months ago

Every job has a behind-the-scenes that only employees know about. For us, it might seem that the pizza delivery guy just goes from one destination to the next. Or we might think that the remote worker is in his pajamas all day, locked in his room. But every job has its secrets.

1. “My cousin works at Pizza Hut. They took this order with no payment, and it was a prank. I got 14 pies.”

2. “My job is wearing down my fingerprints to the point scanners don’t recognize them anymore.”

3. “My job involves a lot of walking, so I have to buy new shoes every year. The old shoe is on the left.”

4. “At my job, we have 2 of these foam things hanging, specifically for people to poke, so that the other ones don’t get destroyed.”

5. “Just landed my dream job... to teach people about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals at a natural history museum!”

6. “I work in a library. Stop doing this to remember which books you’ve read!”

7. “I am a remote worker. I chose this desk to work from today.”

8. “I work at a paint store. This ledge is where we wipe our thumbs after we test paint colors.”

9. “Me restoring a painting.”

10. “My job has a room for taking a nap. The room also has a gigantic roll of paper towels in case you have a cold.”

11. “All the notebooks I’ve used in 10 months at my job.”

“I work for a charitable organization. All of these notebooks are filled with names, addresses, and phone numbers of people who call us for help.”

12. “I use hot glue sticks to remove broken headphone jacks from iPads at work.”

“In an elementary school, the possibilities are endless, and kids are prone to move around without being aware they’re still wearing headphones.”

13. “This is how pretty much every roof I’ve ever worked on looks. I’m specializing in the restoration of houses from the mid-1800s.”

14. “I work in a retirement home, this is my (F21) hand compared to the hand of one of my clients (F84).”

15. “This job site has a vending machine just for cables. It is located in a data center under construction, in case they forget something, I guess.”

16. “My lunch at the Hospital I work at, Chile.”

17. “The shipping company messed up and sent material 2ft too big. We’re now waiting for the guy in charge to see we aren’t lying.”

18. “Grocery store I worked at accidentally ordered 80 banana cases instead of 8.”

19. “I started my dream job today by getting paid to play with the dogs at a doggy-day car.”

“They said I could bring any of my dogs. This was my dog’s reaction when we got to work!”

20. “Working an outdoor clinic. I didn’t think about sunscreen... Now I have a mask-shaped sunburn, but only on half my face.”

21. “The ‘break room’ at my old job, where I spent almost every half-hour lunch break for 2 years.”

We love learning new secrets, and although we have already written a few articles about the topic, we’re always keen to learn new things.


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