21 Times When Cleanliness and Organization Played a “Sparkling” Role

2 years ago

For many people, cleanliness and organization represent a sense of relief and peace of mind. They need to see every space in their home sparkling clean, and they obsess over the symmetry, color scheme, and functionality of every aspect of a room. However, for others, it’s just a simple detail that indicates things are perfectly organized.

Bright Side prepared a list of situations where people used ingenious organizational solutions to create a unique and beautiful environment.

1. The perfect organization of books by color

2. “This little girl has more clothes than I’ve had in my entire life.”

3. “Ready to start a new design project!”

4. Much better!

5. “A silverware organizing tray for my sauce drawer :)”

6. Maximizing space

7. For lovers of cleanliness and organization

8. “I decided to spend all day cleaning out our multi-use closet.”

9. Functionality turned into art!

10. “I FINALLY have my craft room organized the way I want after countless failed attempts over the last 2 decades!”

11. “Took the advice and bought matching velvet hangers — the same amount of clothes, twice as much space!”

12. “I finally took the time to clean and reorganize the crafts corner in my son’s playroom.”

13. The dirt will not be able to escape again.

14. “I took a mental health day from work today and tackled my house. I’m so proud of all I got done in about 7 hours.”

15. Everything is in its place.

16. “I finally organized my work bench.”

17. “The kids’ activity closet is finally under control.”

18. “I don’t have much closet space for linens in my tiny apartment, so I turned an over-the-door shoe holder in the bathroom into this!”

19. “I got a bigger desk with enough storage.”

20. “Took about 2 months but I organized my spice cabinet.”

21. “I finally cleaned my kitchen! This is after months of neglect and battling depression.”

Are you obsessive about cleanliness and tidiness or do you struggle a bit with that part? What has been your biggest “before” and “after” accomplishment when it comes to cleaning?

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Sorting books by color: Look, psychopath....that better be photoshop, and all those books better actually be in order using the author's name, by category.


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