22 Animals Who Are Masters of Surprise

4 years ago

Pets aren’t just about sweet purrs, going for walks, or begging for treats. They are also about sudden cuddles, high fives, unusual sleeping positions, and so on. Even experienced pet owners confess that their 4-legged friends can suddenly surprise them. Fortunately, we always have a chance to grab a camera and take some pictures.

Bright Side knows that animals are never boring, especially the ones that are depicted in this article.

When even your cat has a girlfriend:

Caught red-handed

Face swap done right

This swan gives its owner a loving hug.

Little cowboy

“My aunt’s cat doing a big stretch”

Sometimes their sleeping positions are really weird.

“Don’t leave mangos in your purse and don’t try to play with an elephant.”

They won’t leave you alone.


In case of emergency

So comfy

Dogs also know what comfort is.

A genius of disguise

“My guinea pig tasted a lemon today.”

Family love

“I’m being watched...”

Vacuuming at an animal shelter:

High 5!

When you let them choose their own stick for fetch:

“Our dog’s paw looks like a mini-version of him.”

“My coworker’s dog won’t stop staring at me.”

Have your pets ever surprised you?

Preview photo credit boxmax/ imgur, karinavalich/ pikabu


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