22 Awkward Situations We Are Lucky to Play No Part In

3 years ago

Every now and then, we come across situations that catch us off guard and leave us stumped as to how to react. According to psychologists, social awkwardness has actually been linked to an internal “early warning system.” In other words, it’s the way that our subconscious warns us to stay out of these situations for our own safety.

Here at Bright Side, we hope these awkward situations will not cross the paths of our readers. But, if you do happen to come across a crazy incident, there’s only one thing to do — take a photo!

1. We think we’ll skip out on getting ice cream this time...

2. Hold on, how long do we have to wait exactly?

3. It might be a bit too awkward to focus on work after this:

4. We think one team may have an advantage, but we’re not quite sure which one...

5. This dog does NOT look like he’s supposed to be left alone at the library:

6. A savage way to be broken up with, that’s for sure.

7. Some people love to live life on the edge...

8. We don’t think we’ll be choosing this airline any time soon.

9. This does NOT look like the best way to travel with a pet:

10. Are we expected to lean to the right to enter?

11. We sincerely hope the bejeweled contact lenses trend never takes off...

12. The things girls will go through for a slimmer waist...

13. Guess they’ll just have to call in late today...

14. This is probably the meanest joke on the planet:

15. Seems someone else has come to claim that fish...

16. Well, that’s awkward.

17. This reminds us of a goofy cartoon for all the wrong reasons:

18. Maybe cosplayers are starting to take things too far?

19. How is this photo both stressful and relaxing at the same time?

20. At least there’s no awkward eye contact involved.

21. Extra cuddly panda bears?

22. I guess we’ll just pretend we didn’t notice.

What did you think of these cringe-worthy occurrences? Have you ever found yourself caught up in a similarly awkward situation? Let us know in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Ho_Phat / reddit


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#10 is it just me or does the left doors seem to move when u scroll around?


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