22 Elderly Pets That Are Never Too Old to Shower Us With Love

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As much as we don’t want our pets to get old, we can’t stop it — it’s the natural circle of life. But instead of feeling sad about their old age, we should be thankful for all the days we were lucky enough to spend with them. And even though they may be old and wrinkly, their love for us will never change.

Bright Side is all about celebrating the pets in our lives, and the following compilation of 22 photos will show you that pets are the best companions, regardless of their age.

1. “This is my old boy, Link. He’s 10 and still very much a puppy! And he sure loves smoochin’.”

2. “My childhood cat, Abby, just turned 20! She’s the sweetest.”

3. “My cat turns 14 years old tomorrow and still joins me when I go hiking.”

4. “Everyone meet Tripp! He’s 18 years old. Don’t know what I would do without him!”

5. “When I adopted 14-year-old Francis, I was told I would have a few weeks with her. Today, we celebrated one year together!”

6. “Happy twenty-first birthday, Mario!”

7. “This is Sadie. She’s 17.”

8. “Today she’s no longer a teenager!”

9. “Zoe just turned 17 but she still likes to party.”

10. “My snuggly 16-year-old girl doing what she does best”

11. “My dad and my 16-year-old cat, Kitty, also known as the ’cat he didn’t want’ 16 years ago...”

12. “Lady, it’s been 18 years — do we still have to take a million photos every day?”

13. “This is my 17-year-old dog, Runty. I’ve had him since he was born and he means the world to me.”

14. “It’s Max’s fifteenth birthday today!”

15. “Old Man Ted (15) got new jammies.”

16. “This lovely little Abigail is nearly 20 but she’s still just a baby to us!”

17. “Happy fourteenth birthday to my old fart! Let’s hope for many more years, JJ!”

18. “My old man, Harpo, napping as an 18-year-old kitty should”

19. “This is Rufus! He’s a 13-year-old Australian cattle dog mix who enjoys being stinky and yelling. He’s a very good boy.”

20. “Today is my Olive’s sweet 16. Help me wish a very happy birthday to this stoic little tube of love.”

21. “This gorgeous girl turns 20 this year.”

22. “My 14-year-old dog misses my niece.”

Do you have an elderly pet in your life? Do you agree that aging pets are very lovable, regardless of their age? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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I prefer older animals, they tend to be more chill and just want hugs or cuddles... Don't get me wrong, I love puppies and I love playing with them too, but sometimes it can be too much and you just want a little break


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