22 People Who Don’t Know the Meaning of Impossible

3 years ago

Superheroes aren’t only found in comic books, they could be our neighbors, friends, or even family. From working 3 jobs to fulfill a dream to even surviving deadly diseases, these people truly have beaten all the odds and inspire us all with their strength.

Bright Side wants to celebrate this strong group of people who took control of their lives and are now the heroes of their own stories.

1. “Doctors told me I wouldn’t live to my 40s. Today is my 40th and I lost 350 lbs.”

2. “I was devastated that I couldn’t ski anymore. Thanks to technology and determination, I’m skiing better than ever.”

3. “Grew up struggling with mental health and dropped out of high school. This year, I was accepted into college.”

4. “I wasn’t allowed to use a notebook, so I started writing my book on receipts. This year, I finally published my novel.”

5. “My awesome friend showing off her 2020 completed reading list.”

6. “Years of working jobs I hate, I finally took the plunge: Cleared out my garage to start my own photography business.”

7. “Last year I got fired the day after Christmas and was alone. Today I have an amazing job and an amazing support network.”

8. “My dad made this by hand after overcoming 2 strokes, throat cancer, and 2,200 hours of work.”

9. “I went from getting winded going up stairs to snatching and overheading the weight that I’ve lost!”

10. “After a year of severe illness, I have gotten back on the horse! Biked 30 miles and then climbed up a waterfall.”

11. “My wife’s final radiation treatment was today.”

12. “My mom, looking so proud of herself on her first day of walking since her surgery.”

13. “Looking at old photos of myself never fails to amaze me. I’ve come a long way.”

14. “I’ve worked 12-hour shifts for 4 months and was able to surprise my daughter with a Christmas present. This is her crying tears of happiness.”

15. “I found my passion for studying marine life and I’m finally volunteering at my favorite aquarium from my childhood.”

16. “2 years ago I was stuck on a hog farm wishing for something better. Today I finished up my masters to become a school teacher!”

17. “My dad built this entire shed by himself in 7 months!”

18. “My brother-in-law before becoming the first person to run a marathon barefoot with no training”

19. “After years of working 3 jobs, my dad got the truck he’s always wanted.”

20. “After so many years of struggling with everything in my life, I’m expecting twins and I’m finally truly happy.”

21. “I was homeless for 3 years. Today, I begin my career as the coordinator of a homeless shelter.”

22. “Tonight I celebrated my daughter’s 3rd birthday and 2 years being cancer-free.”

What was the most difficult thing you’ve had to do in your life?

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This last picture really makes me happy for some reason, I think it's great to see people happy after they beat cancer!


why wasn't he allowed to use a notebook tho... that's kinda strange 😂 some rule?


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