22 People Whose Parents Were the Definition of Cool

3 years ago

No matter how much the generations keep evolving, the era in which our parents were in their primes will always be its own kind of cool. From women building machinery in the army to men training seals in the navy, old school ways were always the coolest.

Bright Side brought together the best visual representations of parents who were incredibly hip in their day.

1. My mama circa ’83 — oh, that bike? She built it.

2. My mother when she was a tank instructor in 1984

3. My Grandpa just turned 90 last Friday. Here he is in the ’50s looking handsome.

4. My dad’s first car! A 1939 Ford that he bought with his own money that he earned farming — he drove it daily.

5. My mom’s selfie before it was cool (1989)

6. My grandma’s wedding day photo in 1970

7. My mom flew helicopters for the army in the ’80s.

8. My dad was Kelso (1973)!

9. My grandma and her Irish Wolfhound in 1974

10. After their first fight, my dad apologized to my mom through polaroids (1987).

11. My dad giving a thirsty bear some soda in the ’50s

12. My father who shipped his bike over to England and rode all over Europe on it (1973)

13. My dad’s graduation photo sometime in the ’70s

14. One of my favorite photos of my parents in the late ’70s

15. My hilarious father (with the magazine) and my grandpa, grandma, and uncle in 1972

16. My dad fishing...on a nuclear submarine (1966)

17. My dad skateboarding at Hyde School in 1982

18. Apparently my dad used to ride 3-wheeled unicycles in parades.

19. My dad in France in the ’70s (Ryan Gosling might need a paternity test)!

20. My friend’s dad trained seals in the Navy.

21. My mom winning the pie-eating contest by beating all the boys (1950)

22. My dad and his veterinarian mother with their pet lion that they raised for 2 years (1959)

Do you also have cool images of your parents? Share them with us in the comments below.

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Some of these men look very handsome, and the women… oh my… they truly are the definition of cool! I wish I could have experienced living in their era ??
Okay the mom that built that bike looks like a rock star! ?
❤️?? ?My Dad served as the only USAF officer aboard the USS Hornet, along with the Navy and NASA, to recover the Apollo 11 astronauts. ☺️ He had the integral duty of coordinating the pickup and transport of the moon samples and bio waste from off the ship, by helicopter fly by! ?

He was the only one on deck wearing his Air Force tan khakis (uniform) when they had a visit from President Nixon, who spotted him from the captains deck in the sea of blue Navy uniforms. Nixon raised his hand, pointed and waved to him, shouting “hey there Air Force!”

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