22 Times the Notion of “So Close Yet So Far” Left Us Hanging on the Edge of Our Seats

3 years ago

Sometimes what we want is just out of reach, but it’s so close that we can almost taste it. People from all around the world are sharing when either they or their pets were surprised by the unexpected. From dropping an oven-ready pie to witnessing our pets trying to sneak off with our food, some things just don’t go at planned.

Bright Side has found some of the most tantalizing “almost” attempts captured in photos that are sure to improve your mood for the day.

1. “She didn’t understand that there was glass between her and the cake.”

2. “He’s outgrown his favorite spot.”

3. She made a pie. She dropped the pie.

4. “His breakfast is just out of reach.”

5. “They said it included a private balcony...”

6. “I think something went horribly wrong.”

7. “First time making this puzzle and it was missing a piece.”

8. “Um, I found the spoon, honey.”

9. Definitely not the result he was expecting...

10. There was an attempt to go outside.

11. “My dog protecting his humans from this very fake cat”

12. “125 kazoos with our wedding date on them arrived the day we postponed the wedding.”

13. “My apple broke the apple cutter.”

14. Perhaps the third one will be the one.

15. “She sits and watches our bearded dragon, hoping for a chance.”

16. “Can you make a cake look like a Nintendo Switch? Here, I’ll take a picture for you for reference.”

17. An unmissable deal

18. “My mom bought Nosey a window perch. She chose the Amazon box to act as a step stool instead.”

19. When the thing you want feels just out of reach:

20. “My buddy dropped his burrito after a long night. This is what defeat looks like.”

21. “Caught last minute trying to microwave their dinner”

22. “Now, while they’re distracted!”

Which image do you relate to the most? Share your last failed attempt at something with us!

Preview photo credit cavityornocavity / Reddit


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