23 Carefree Dogs Who’ve Mastered the Art of Relaxation

4 years ago

If anyone knows how to relax, it’s animals. Especially pets — they have so much free time, that they master the art of leisure in a snap. And when it comes to dogs, it seems like they’re able to chillax at any place, any time, and in the weirdest body positions possible!

We at Bright Side think we could all learn something about relaxation from our favorite doggos. Get comfortable and check out how some of these cuties like to rest!

1. “He’s feeling himself today.”

2. If it fits, it sits.

3. “My dog is enjoying this hammock on a much deeper level than me.”

4. “He is beauty, he is grace.”

5. “My Golden Retriever likes to sleep under the toilet.”

6. Nothing can stop a determined doggo from licking those tasty dishes!

7. Spa day!

8. “My dog loves it when I bury her in the warm, dark sand down by the river. Total zen mode.”

9. Please meet our next guest — a contortionist from Cirque du Soleil!

10. Summer vibes!

11. “Forbidden salad”

12. “Oh, yes, more of those belly rubs, please...”

13. “She likes to sleep in mint and lemon plants.”

14. “This dog fits neatly around the potted plant.”

15. “My dog loves to sleep on the stairs instead of his bed.”

16. “He has 3 expensive beds but prefers this one stupid brick.”

17. “I was born to be wild, but only until like, 8 p.m.”

18. “She refuses to sleep anywhere else.”

19. “The face be too squoosh!”

20. “When you know Monday is just around the corner...”

21. “Because this is how normal dogs sleep.”

22. “When Mom tells you to get off the couch”

23. Who doesn’t love head massages?

How do your beloved companions relax? Share your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit EASICOOK / twitter


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