23 Coincidences That Would Only Happen Once in a Million Years

2 years ago

Our day goes by as it normally does. We prepare breakfast, go to work, or read a story to our children without expecting anything strange to happen. And yet, it does. A statue dressed just like us, the logo of a fast food restaurant on the shell of an insect, a map of the world replicated in the sky... Coincidence? Or perhaps destiny’s way of revealing something to us: the most extraordinary thing is right in front of us — we just have to know how to look.

Bright Side went out to search the networks and found many internet users willing to share extraordinary coincidences. Now we leave you this list so that you can enjoy them too.

1. “I was trying to take a picture of the guy in the costume and a person with the opposite colors walked into the frame.”

2. “When I went to Switzerland and happened to look exactly like this random wood statue:”

3. “A spiral cucumber grew in my garden.”

4. “The refraction rainbow from my glass shower door lined up perfectly with the water stream in my sink.”

5. “When I opened my Roku I found a bunch of signatures on the inside.”

6. “Came across this picture and I thought it looked familiar.”

7. “This hair tie stuck in my shoe tread”

8. “Found a piece of rock that looks like a steak.”

9. “Clouds looked like a map of the world”

10. “This shadow from my circle drawing thingy looks like a human.”

11. “This Jeep’s break lights are Jeeps.”

12. “This Cicada I found looks like it has the McDonald’s logo on its head.”

13. “While making breakfast I got 4 eggs in a row with 2 yolks each!”

14. “I found The Big Lebowski in my kid’s picture book.”

15. “Perfect lil’ incense curl”

16. “My dog matches the dog on this box.”

17. “My kid’s toothbrushes are in this book.”

18. “I found a doormat for my new apartment that looks just like my cat, and that makes me happy.”

19. “There was a small windstorm this weekend at the same exact time the flowers were ready to drop.”

20. “This leaf fell on a car of the exact same color.”

21. “My wife was wearing the right jacket at the right time. Pleasanton Ridge, CA”

22. “My fried egg made a Yin-Yang.”

23. “The ink from my date stamp at work exploded on my shirt and the material formed the droplets into little stars.”

Have you ever experienced an extraordinary coincidence? Was it during a normal day or were you doing something out of the ordinary at the time? Tell us how it happened!

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