20+ Photos That Can Make You Question Your Own Vision

10 months ago

We are used to trusting our vision 100%. But sometimes, the angle and tricks of the camera or just the right moment can create quite a tricky riddle for our brain to solve!

As if 2 dogs merged into one.

Good morning, bear!

“Model village beach at Babbacombe has been taken over by 12 giant ducklings.”

“Nobody warned me about such seagulls...”

“Side view of the majestic orange tabby mid-gallop.”

A 90-ft whale kite on the beach

This walnut that looks like an owl’s face:

Which way is she facing?

“My eggs are disappointed in me.”

Feline fields forever

“I had very large hands as a child.”

Wooden legs?

Look again...

A huge bird in the sky of Siberia

“I thought my teacher wrote SALSA on my paper. Actually, it was 59/59.”

“My glasses are only corrective in the right lens and this was the shadow produced.”

Barkcepius, The Failed Experiment

These pine needles look like an impressionist painting:

“Сome on, Scooby Doo, I see you!”

How many passengers are there in the car?

“When I came to this toilet on the train, I was pleasantly surprised, but then I looked more closely...”

Have you ever seen such amazing things that you had to look at them twice to make sure your eyes weren’t playing a trick on you? Tell us in the comment section below!


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