24 Bright Siders Who Claimed They Didn’t Want Pets Until a Furry Friend Proved Them Wrong

2 years ago

Some people consider that the possibility of having pets at their home is very unlikely. But that’s only until, for some strange reason, faith feels the need to remind these people of that popular saying that we’ve all heard at least once: “Never say never.” That’s how, many times, the unexpected arrival of a pet can come with a special moment of change. Maybe this happens after losing a beloved puppy, or it is one of our children who asks us to adopt a kitten he or she has just found. Luckily, our readers are always willing to share their stories or those of a family member who has undergone a transformation with the arrival of a puppy or kitten.

That’s why today, Bright Side wants to share stories from 24 Bright Siders with you who didn’t want to have pets until a little animal changed their minds. And, don’t miss the bonuses we left at the end of the article with some readers’ stories about how they adopted their pets.

1. “I didn’t want a cat, no matter what anyone would say to try to convince me. Now I have a folder just to save this guy’s pictures.”

2. My mom: “Jeez, cats are so disgusting! You can never bring an animal like that home.”

Also my mom:

3. “My mom and dad refused to let me give my son a dog, so when I rescued one, I simply brought it home with me.”

“I told them that someone had asked me if I could take care of this dog for a few days because it was supposed to be a gift for a little girl. As time went by, they realized that the dog had arrived to stay. Now, there is not a day that goes by that my father doesn’t come home to have fun with our dog. I once told my mother that I would get rid of the dog by giving it away and my mother almost went crazy.”

4. “My mom used to refuse to let her be inside the house, now she says, ’she’s my baby.’”

5. “In 2017, my dad took in the first kitten he has ever had. This happened after having a puppy for almost 12 years and having sworn that his house would never have cats.”

“My city had a rough time a while ago because of the El Niño weather phenomenon. There was so much rain, lightning, and thunder that scared everyone. Today we have 4 cats living in our house, we’re taking care of a mother cat with her newborns, and 3 other siblings that nobody wants to adopt. In the picture above you can see my dad with the youngest cat in my family. She’s named Matilda, who appeared in our yard out of the blue, very scared, and now she is totally smug. My dad swears he was the one who chose her name, but we were actually the ones who thought of the name.”

6. “He used to say ’I don’t want animals in my house or in my car.’ Now he is a proud grandfather of 3 puppies, a father of 2 dogs, and makes a 3-hour trip for them to enjoy the beach every now and then, and takes pictures of them.”

7. “Him with the granddaughter he claimed he didn’t want”

8. “Yes, my daddy didn’t want us to adopt my kittens and now he loves them more than he loves me.”

9. Me: “Nope, we can’t adopt her.”

2 weeks later: I’ve even set a picture of her as a background picture on my cell phone."

10. “In this picture, you can see my dad and my cat Bron. Today neither of them are with us anymore. My dad didn’t like cats and, still, they were never apart. In the end, the cat could not get over the loss of my dad and went with him to heaven.”

11. “I didn’t use to like cats. Now, this little guy is my whole life.”

12. “My daughter asked my dad to adopt this kitten. He said, ’OK, but he has to sleep out in the yard.’ Now he’s his little cuddle-boy.”

13. “My dad didn’t want dogs either and a few days later, he said that this was his dog now not mine anymore.”

14. “I was totally and utterly an anti-cat person. Now we have 2...”

15. “I always said that cats would never come into my house because of how much hair they lose, etc. Now he is my pet and he sleeps with my husband and me in the same bed. Definitely, anyone who has a pet has everything they need. We also have 2 parakeets. The family is growing...”

16. “At first I didn’t want a puppy because I thought taking care of him was too much work and my children were very young. Now I LOVE my Rockoberto as if he were my little boy.”

“He spent all my children’s childhood with us, he is now 7 years old and he is the most wonderful and obedient thing in the world.”

17. “My mom didn’t want another cat because ’one is enough.’ Then a cat came into our lives and I unwillingly had to adopt it. At first, she refused to have him with us, but a few days later, she was already claiming it was hers, not mine. She literally took the cat away from me.”

18. “Sure, he doesn’t like dogs. Haha...”

19. Me: “I don’t like cats at all.”

Me as well: “Okay then, if you bring the cat in, I won’t touch him and no, he won’t get on my bed or couches.”

Life and MY kitty: “Yeah, right, we’ll see about that!”

20. “I went from ’I don’t like cats’ and ’we’ll never have a cat’ to taking care of this precious being that has been with us for 6 years.”

21. “This is Max, my daughter rescued him when he was a little boy. We were only going to take care of him for 8 days, that was the compromise we reached with my daughter’s father. Mac is already 3 years old and he’s still with us.”

22. “’We already have 2 dogs, NO cats.’ Yeah, right.”

23. “’No way we’ll have a dog in this house’. 9 months later...”

24. “My husband said, ’No, no cats here.’”




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love seeing pictures of those brutal men who "will never want this cat / dog at their homes"
and the next moment they fall in love with those hahaha


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