24 Cakes That Change Baking Into an Art Form

4 years ago

In the Middle Ages, cake was considered round bread which was heavily roasted from 2 sides. Since then, a lot has changed. Now you can order a cake in the form of a sneaker, a painting by Gustav Klimt, and even a whole palace!

Bright Side collected 24 spectacular cakes that change baking into an art form.

24. What can be better than watermelon? Watermelon cake!

23. This snake can`t hiss, don`t worry.

22. So cozy! Are there book stores like this in my city?

21. Let's eat it and watch the movie Up!

20. Rhombus or cube?

19. Drink or cake? That Frappuccino seduced me twice!

18. For real sneaker geeks!

17. The wheel is mine.

16. Is it as big as my stomach?

15. Looks like a wave... a rose wave

14. Everybody wants to hear that sweet melody.

13. Even the frying pan is real!

12. Omg... KFC cake. Gimme two!

11. Wow... Dream castle

10. Can you imagine? Recreating a Gustav Klimt painting on the cake.

9. One more painting... Stunning!

8. Peace! And taste it.

7. The sweet heaven of perfectionism

6. Can you believe your eyes? What talent!

5. He's so real.

4. "Alice, follow me."

3. Love cows, eat cakes.

2. It was a present for Valentines Day.

1. She's gonna swim with coffee in someone's belly.

Which cake do you like the most? Maybe you baked something like this yourself? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Unknown/Imgur


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