20+ Designers That Think About Every Single Detail

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When designers start working on something sometimes they don’t just create something visually attractive, but also end up with something useful. Even details that seem insignificant can make using regular things much easier and more convenient.

Bright Side found 23 examples of situations where designers knew exactly what to make better about regular things to improve them considerably.

A door knob for those who are wearing gloves

The tulips in this garden are arranged in the shape of tulips.

Each Steamfresh bag has the cook time on the microwave for what you are cooking.

My shower caddy has holes to hold a bottle upside down when the liquid is running low.

This manhole cover in Seattle is a map of the city.

With this spoon you will never spill spices/coffee/flour.

“My local community college has collapsible monitors that can automatically go down so you can have more desk space.”

Knee-activated faucets at a supermarket, Italy

Lockable skateboard parking

A transforming shelf for those who don’t know which one they need.

The kid’s menu at Chick-fil-A is at kid’s eye level.

Savel is a flexible food saver that bends to cover cut food and keeps it fresh.

In Chinese airports and hotels you can rent a charging station.

A page holder to prevent pages from turning in your book

This restaurant has a breathalyzer on the counter where you pay.

The tags from this clothing brand are attached with a piece of cloth so you can cut them off and they won’t itch your skin.

This pizza place gives you instructions on how to reheat your pizza with your receipt.

The shower handle in this hotel room bathroom is on the other side so you can avoid getting wet when turning it on.

This door at a local day care has an abnormally high door handle to prevent the kids from opening it.

Coconuts in China are very convenient to drink from.

medved1205 / Pikabu

This handicap ramp is built into the staircase.

Power sockets you can combine like honeycomb

This playground has a swing for wheelchairs.

What examples of practical design have you seen lately? Tell us in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit kozman7 / Reddit


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Those are too narrow to be stairs, they are just design. Stairs are at the far end


anyone here like me? Im afraid of convenience these days, too much plastic, OMG. Please use less to waste less, human.


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