24 People Who Tried to Fool Time But Failed

2 years ago

It’s just amazing when people can treat everything with humor and not worry about the opinions of others. The heroes of our article weren’t afraid to show themselves in an unfavorable light, and they shared their bad pictures using witty comments.

Bright Side admires their courage and invites you to cheer up and look through these photos.

“Just found my glamour shot from 1995. I was a cool 45-year-old lady in 7th grade, apparently.”

“I was a 40-year-old woman at 13.”

“6th grade going on 60!”

“First day of high school. I was apparently going for the 70-year-old man look.”

“Curly hair doesn’t ‘feather’ like Farrah’s did. Managed to copy only her age.”

“A friend of mine gave me permission to post this masterpiece. Circa early ’90s.”

“Give me the reckless grandma look.”

“When you look over 40 but you’re actually 12!”

“My wife was a 40-year-old receptionist in 4th grade.”

“The Dollar Store nails and the shirt really tie everything together. My 9th birthday party.”

“She’s beauty. She’s grace. My 7th grade winter formal...”

“I peaked at 14 when I was 45 years old.”

“For some reason, I thought it was a smart idea to wear stereotypical French clothes to French classes.”

“Came downstairs to my kids laughing. They found my 9th grade photo.”

“My bf took this on his Nintendo DS when he was 13.”

Not a good outfit choice for a 70-year-old granny!

“8 going on 80.”

“Me in 6th grade: lanky, uncoordinated, hairstyle of a 70-year-old woman.”

“Me dressed as Grandma in 1997...”

“Redneck Spock in grade 5.”

“Those glamour shots from the ’90s...”

“Just an ordinary school image in 1989.”

“I got younger.”

“In high school, I was the default elf character you start every RPG with.”

Yes, our old pictures can be a real disaster. Are you brave enough to share your own childhood photos with us?

Preview photo credit lacylove314/reddit.com


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