24 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Perfect Photos

3 years ago

Sometimes the brain can’t believe the eyes, which is what we call an optical illusion. In the age of Instagram and Photoshop, we’re faced with a variety of enhanced photos every day. We see photos of a brave friend standing on a cliff’s edge, gorgeous homemade food, dream locations and stunning ads. But what we’re seeing isn’t all that simple.

Bright Side collected 24 ideal images along with a view from backstage.

24. Time moves slowly when there’s no hot water...

23. What would you do for your Instagram page?

22. Don’t trust advertising.

21. Look how dedicated this photographer is!

20. Who said that flour products ruin the figure?

19. The only patch of sand on the beach

18. Is it even possible to take a good photo of the moon without using tricks?

17. Oh no, the coziness of the left photo vanished!

16. Levitation as it really is

15. “Wait...I want to take the same photo!”

14. Photoshop can change everything.

13. When all you did for a photo was lie down with your eyes shut:

12. Lady, cheer up!

11. “Yup, Mommy, I’m on vacation in the mountains.”

10. This is how romantic photos are made:

9. A dancefloor right in your photo studio

8. Now you know what to do at your next party!

7. “So, where can I find this dream house in a bigger size?”

6. I wonder, does tall grass even exist?

5. Vertical steam isn’t magical anymore.

4. Guys, clean up the beach when you’re done!

3. A little bit nasty...

2. Know your good angles.

1. Is there anything real in advertisements?

Which photo trick did you like the most? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit CurseoftheMurph / Imgur


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