24 Unforgivable Design Fails That Made Us Facepalm

2 months ago

Everyone makes mistakes. Even experts screw up from time to time. And some fails are so obvious, we want to scream, “How is that possible?”

Bright Side can’t help but laugh at these construction and architectural fails. There’s also a bonus at the end — don’t miss it.

24. Who put those rails there?

23. The way to platform that leads nowhere.

22. Almost nailed it.

21. Between 2 worlds...

20. “My hotel’s tub.”

19. Perhaps there’s a hidden meaning.

18. Tiny miscalculation

17. “Measure twice, cut once” was not part of this guy’s plan.

16. Somewhere in China

15. Is this supposed to teach children survival skills?

14. “No space gone to waste.”

13. “Let’s go out on the balcony. Oh, wait...”

12. For those who can walk through the walls.

11. Safety matters.

10. Something new from Acer

9. 100% protection against break-ins

8. There was a slight miscalculation when planning the exit.

7. How can I get home?

6. Want some water?

5. No personal space

4. Something’s definitely wrong...

3. Siamese twins

2. There’s no margin for error.

1. The “safest” ladder

Have you ever faced this kind of design fail? Do you have any pictures to share with us?


can't stop laughting from this faucet :D
What was in the head of the designer when he made this??

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