24 Unique Shots That Can Only Be Taken Once in a Lifetime

3 years ago

Nowadays, in order to capture a unique moment really fast, we have all the necessary devices. As a result, there are masterpieces like cat shop assistant or the entire life of a ladybird on one leaf. Moments like this rarely happen.

Bright Side has collected 24 of the best photos for you.

“I must hurry, the country needs my help.”

“Grab my hand.”

When you hear your owner shake the food bag:

Perspective is king.

Professional photobomb

This is actually long jumper Luisa Bodem finishing her jump during the German Athletics Championships.

“My perfect FLICK”

This street light looks like the eyes of the tree.

This is how a new Mercedes is born.

The best shop assistant you could dream of:

“I was just hanging out on my paddleboard when this guy decided he needed a rest.”

The 3 stages of the life of a ladybug

“This onion on my taco looks like digital art.”

This is true love!

What happened here?!

That awkward moment...

How does he stay so calm?

Ultra-efficient wind turbine with a lot more blades

Butterfly number 89

“Today is the proudest day of my life. I successfully took a picture of me high fiving myself.”

“How many cats do we have again?”

“I was out getting fresh air on the balcony when suddenly...”

Don’t run from the police, run to the police, and give them fresh veggies.

Kangaroo on a trampoline

Maybe you have some really cool photos? Share them in the comment section below and we might include them in our next compilation.

Preview photo credit Hendrik Schmidt / AP Images


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