24 Warm Illustrations Showing That Dog Owners Never Feel Alone

4 years ago

An artist from Los Angeles Yaoyao Ma Van As creates warm and sunny pictures depicting herself and her dog Parker. The illustrations are about the life of a dog owner and everyone who has a dog will recognize themselves in these situations. Those who don't will realize that nothing stays the same if you decide to get a puppy.

Bright Side gathered the brightest illustrations that will convince you that dogs and loneliness are just incompatible.

24. Your dog's always ready to wake you up even if it's too early.

23. So throw away your alarm clock.

22. There's always someone who adores your company.

21. Singing in the shower is not just for you anymore.

20. Sometimes it can be surprising.

19. Your dog will teach you to share.

18. And postpone some important things.

17. Your dog will inject some chaos into your life.

16. You'll always have someone who wants to help you.

15. And someone you can rely on.

14. Your dog will always support you.

13. You'll understand that things don't always go as planned.

12. But you'll cope with all your problems together.

11. You'll start to appreciate simple things.

10. You'll understand you don't need so many things to be really happy.

9. And you'll start not caring about the weather.

8. Each walk will be very special.

7. You'll have an opportunity to go on an adventure together.

6. And you'll see that the sea is warmer if you're not alone.

5. You can always share your feelings.

4. Or just dream about something in silence.

3. You'll know you always have someone who understands you.

2. You'll always have someone to hug at night.

1. And this is the love we all deserve.

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