25+ Animals Who Tried to Be Angry but Made Us Go Awww Instead

4 years ago

We all sometimes have rough days and start off on the wrong foot, and this happens to animals too. Some of these little guys try to look offended and furious, but only end up causing us to smile and sigh with a long “Awwwwww.” So we can thank people of internet for this great tradition of sharing pics of their pets on social media, especially when they’re being adorable.

Here at Bright Side we love doing and sharing animal compilations, and this time is no exception. So scroll down for a good pile of angry-but-adorable animals.

1. Obey me, human!

2. “So I saw this fluffy guy in the park, who looks totally pissed off.”

3. Angry bird 2.0

4. Scary teddy bear!

5. Teeny-tiny hissy fit

6. I can’t tell if he’s happy or angry.

7. “You’re getting ready for bed without serving me dinner? Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!”

8. Baby ostrich is judging you.

9. Furious ice cream chomps

10. FURocious!

11. I’m no birdie, I’m an eagle!

12. He protec, he attac, but most importantly he’s a cute little snack.

13. Earl the grumpy puppy

14. The kitty that looks like a Pixar villain

15. If looks could kill...

16. “Gangsta frog doesn’t give a damn, but still high-fived me anyway.”

17. When you were forced to take a bath against your will:

18. “I ate the grumpy cat.”

19. “I’m a grown up doggo, I don’t need no party hat.”

20. There are plenty of fish in the sea and this guy doesn’t like any of them.

21. The best way to protect your nest is to stare maliciously at the neighbors.

22. No worries hooman, I’m here to defend you!

23. No need to make a scarecrow!

24. Got a prrroblem, fella?

25. “A princess tried to kiss me. It was awful.”

26. “My very own angry bird!”

27. This grouchy dog can apply for a Samuel L. Jackson look-alike contest.

28. “On a scale of one to definitely, how likely will this cat pee on the bed later?”

Do you have photos of angry animals that we could add to this list? We’d be happy to see your pics in the comment section below!


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#14 is just to much for my feelings haha. What a lovely wet cat ??


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