25 Animals With Amazing Colors We Didn’t Expect to See

3 years ago

According to a paper published in 2017, there are over 2 billion animal species around the world. This means that of all the creatures that exist we only know about 1% or even less and we also have no idea about what they all look like. That’s why when we see pictures of unknown species we’re amazed by how unique they look with their unusual colors or markings. But these unique color mutations can also be found in ordinary house pets that many of us have in our everyday lives.

Bright Side found a handful of animals with unique color mutations that you’ve probably never seen before.

1. A dog with freckles all over his body

2. You can call him Zorro.

3. It’s cold outside, socks are very necessary.

4. Most recognizable cow ever!

5. Who’s on their way back from a masquerade party?

6. Proof that eyeliner totally makes your eyes pop:

7. California red-sided garter snake

8. Venus, the ’2-faced’ cat

9. Red candy basslet

10. The always-concerned cat

11. Adolf Hitler’s pet cat

12. Albino peacock

13. 6-color parrot

14. An Atelopus frog from the highlands of Suriname

15. Rottweiler with vitiligo

16. Calico Dominican red mountain boa

17. Banye, the OMG cat

18. A beautiful dog with a heart-shaped nose that was saved by a shelter

19. Albino crocodile

20. A religious brown cow

21. Indian bull frog

22. Pink dolphin

23. When your eyes catch the world’s attention:

24. A rare blue lobster

25. Black circles after a wild night out

Have you ever seen or even had a pet that had a unique color mutation? Please share your thoughts with us down in the comments section.


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