25+ Bird’s Eye Views That Show the Majestic Beauty of Our Planet

4 years ago

The sky has no limits, and drone photography has become extremely popular in recent years. A bird’s eye view used to be something mysterious and unreachable, but that’s no longer true. Photographers from around the world, equipped with high-tech flying cameras, help us to disсover the world from its most unexpected and exalted angles.

Bright Side team has found the best photos that were taken high in the sky, just for you. Let’s have a look!

1. This astonishing pink lake in Australia looks like it’s been taken from a fairy tale.

2. Cheerful music, palm trees, and an endless road... Want to catch a ride?

3. Christmas morning somewhere in the mountains

4. This photo of a polar bear in an arctic wonderland received more than 10 international awards and has been in many festivals. And it’s no wonder why.

5. Hidden paradise in Bali, Indonesia

6. If you give this world your love, it will do the same to you.

7. We think she said “yes”!

8. A bird’s eye view... with a bird.

9. S-Curve

10. Aerial summers

11. This is how birds see Iceland.

12. Ever wondered how a waterfall looks from above?

13. Love Island on Sandals South Coast, Jamaica

14. This photo was a real risk. With 2,000 degree lava and a $1,500 camera drone at stake, the photographer took this challenge in search of the perfect shot.

15. An overview of a swirling green phytoplankton bloom in the Baltic Sea

16. Color explosion

17. A paradise for introverts

18. Harvesting shrimp in the sea

19. Is it a river? Or is it a huge tree?

20. Roosevelt Island, New York, at night

21. This amazing mix of stones, sand, and plants got the name “Jellyfish.”

22. A mysterious water dragon

23. Harvesting water lilies

24. The Indonesian version of paradise

25. Where the sea meets the rocks:

26. Golden Gate Bridge from an angle you have never seen before

27. Looks like someone has been breaking off pieces from this island.

28. Unexpected meeting

29. How does she manage to stay calm?

30. This photo has the smell of summer, the sea, and a little bit of “not a care in the world.”

Would you want to visit any of these places? Have you ever take a photo with a drone? Let’s discuss in the comment section!

Preview photo credit National Geographic


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Our planet is soooo beautiful!
These photos make me want to buy a drone and explore, explore, explore... ?

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