25 Cats Who Defied All the Rules of Flexibility in a Really Weird Way

3 years ago

We all know how flexible cats are. It’s like they were born doing yoga or something. Whoever has a cat at home has experienced how their 4-legged contortionist friends push the laws of flexibility to the limit. Sometimes you’ll be minding your own business, turning around to check what your cat is up to, and it’ll be in the weirdest position ever. It often makes you ask yourself whether it has bones or not. Well, you’re not alone in this: Reddit users shared their cats’ weirdest positions on this thread and now we’re also wondering whether they’re actually cats or just spilled liquid that got captured on camera.

Bright Side wants to share 25 pictures with you that will make you ask yourself what it is that you’re looking at. You’ll have a hard time believing that it’s just cats doing what they do best: testing the limits of flexibility laws.

1. Where does this cat start and how long is it?

2. Is this a cat or a snake?

3. “In a vase, just chilling!”

4. “The sunbathing cat, Tiny, melting on the porch”

5. “My sink is clogged.”

6. “They were napping when suddenly, the cat melted!”

7. “Don’t eat me, please!”

8. “Complete liquid phase, established!”

9. The “donut” position

10. “There’s a cat spilled all over my couch...”

11. A very “flexible” way of doing some bird-hunting

12. Life is better when the couch is exclusively yours.

13. “Filling the sink to the brim”

14. 95% liquid, 5% cat

15. Kittens, don’t try this at home.

16. “Well, Halloween is coming up, but 3 black cats in a pot? This can’t be good.”

17. “Current status: melting in bed, thank you...”

18. A cup of kitty to-go, please!

19. “I’m ready to store your belongings.”

20. “When your cat arrives in the mail”

21. This is what we call cat comfort!

22. “The cutest flowers ever!”

23. “Nothing to worry about friends, I’m alright.”

24. “Elasticat”

25. Whoever said bones were anatomically required was wrong.

What about your cats? Do they love resting in extremely weird positions as well? Do you dare to share a picture of your cat with us? Let us know and post the pics in the comments!


I don't know why but I imagined these as tigers and lions. That must be really funny to watch ?
The ones inside the glases are unbelievable. They truly are liquid lol

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