25 Celebrity Outfits That Everyone Talked About in 2019

4 years ago

The first fashion magazine in the world appeared in Germany back in 1586. Since then, the interest in fashion has been growing exponentially and today almost every person wants to look stylish and modern. But obviously, the trends are set by popular designers and celebrities that walk the red carpet in new outfits.

We at Bright Side decided to sum up the trends of 2019 and we have chosen 25 of the most beautiful dresses and outfits that stars wore to different social events.

Jennifer Lopez

In September 2018, Jennifer Lopez repeated her outfit that she shook everyone up with 19 years ago. At the time, that outfit inspired the Google developers to create their image search. In 2019, her appearance was just as spectacular.

Lopez attended the Governors Ball in Hollywood wearing this bright dress. The big bow on the back compensated for the overall simple look.

Eva Longoria

The actress became a mother in 2018 and in 2019 she was already appearing at different public events. In Cannes, she demonstrated her beautiful body shape by wearing an asymmetric dress that showed deep cleavage and had a revealing slit.

Emilia Clarke

The actress amazed the public when she appeared at the Emmy ceremony in a dress that revealed very deep cleavage. The paparazzi loved the dress and it was all over the internet after just a few hours.

And in December, Emilia attended the Fashion Awards wearing a bright dress with very unusual sleeves. This was a very stylish outfit for the end of the year.

Lady Gaga

This singer is probably the celebrity of the year: she won almost all of the important awards in 2019. At the Golden Globes, Lady Gaga outshined everyone with her light-blue colored dress and hair.

Irina Shayk

This model was just as impressive at the Oscar ceremony as Lady Gaga. Irina was posing for photographers with her back, showing how open it was.

Jason Momoa

This actor has become very popular among women from all over the world. At the Oscar ceremony, he appeared in a pink suit that looked great with his wife’s outfit. His bold and romantic appearance only sparked more interest in his fans.

Bella Thorne

This scandalous singer and actress never stopped shocking the public in 2019. She wore a semi-transparent dress on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival.

Ashley Graham

This pregnant model always attends a lot of public events and she always chooses the boldest and even spiciest dresses, like this one with a transparent skirt and feathers.

Kendall Jenner

This was probably the most revealing dress at the Vanity Fair party. This supermodel showed off her long beautiful legs and photos of her in this dress were all over the internet in no time.

Another memorable dress worn by Kendall Jenner was this bright pink dress she wore in Cannes. It shocked all the trendy women, not only with its color and design, but also with its price — it was made by H&M and Giambattista Valli and cost just a little over $500. All the dresses from this collection were sold out within a few minutes.

Jenner wore this dress at the Emmy Awards ceremony. The giant red flowers together with the latex got a mixed response from the public, but the dress still made an impression and was pretty unforgettable.

Heidi Klum

At the Golden Globe ceremony, the model wore a big dress that revealed deep cleavage and she also had on an engagement ring.

Timothée Chalamet

This young actor has an unusual appearance and he loves highlighting his attractiveness with unorthodox, unforgettable outfits. Timothée appeared in this grey suit at the premiere of the film The King in Venice.

Coco Rocha

This extravagant model appeared in Cannes wearing an unusual pink dress with a big skirt, which left nobody indifferent.


It seems that this singer doesn’t care about public opinion or fashion critics. She wears the most extravagant clothes and she always knows how to look trendy and well-put-together. During the premiere of Queen & Slim, she wore a vintage kimono from John Galliano.

Zoe Kravitz

This actress had a very successful year. This simple and revealing outfit she wore to the Vanity Fair party only made her more popular.

Dakota Johnson

In October 2019, the actress wore an unusual outfit — a big skirt with pockets and a small, cropped top. Internet users loved the dress and noticed that Dakota had lost a lot of weight.

Cardi B

This singer has been known for a long time for her passion for extravagant clothes. During the Grammy awards ceremony, she outshined everyone in her unusual seashell dress.


The actress has been building a successful career in the movie industry and she always looks great at Red Carpet events. But this emerald dress she wore at the Emmy Awards ceremony was probably her most elegant outfit to date.

Meriem Userli

The most popular Turkish actress has recently changed her style and now she likes to amaze the public with her outfits. In Cannes, she appeared in a transparent dress that showed off her beautiful legs.

Elsa Hosk

One of Victoria’s Secret’s angels attended the British Fashion Awards at the beginning of December, wearing a shiny outfit that revealed her beautiful belly. This bright outfit attracted everyone’s attention, so we decided to add it to our list.

Bella Hadid

Bella was probably the biggest star on the Red Carpet in 2019. Her MTV Awards ceremony dress was very minimalistic and simple. But it still went viral online.

And when she was in Cannes, everyone was fascinated by her almost weightless dress from Roberto Cavalli. It was really hard to stop looking at her.

Which 2019 outfit did you like the most? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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What a ridiculous parade of ugly dresses that designers get paid ridiculous amounts of money for.


I feel like most of the current dresses are just "how much can I show withouth revealing my tits"


Fashion has always been my thing and I really do love engaging in all forms on fashion through my dressing, lifestyle, and just so much more! I actually did pick a dress pattern from this article. Thanks a lot!


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