25 Drone Shots That Will Make You Wish You Had Wings

4 years ago

survey once showed that when people were asked to choose between the ability to fly and the power to be invisible, most people chose the ability to fly. It might be because seeing the world from above can amaze us in ways we wouldn’t ordinarily experience. And even though we can’t just fly, our drones can, and we can surely get a view of what the Earth looks from above with advanced technology.

Bright Side has prepared a tour for you through some incredible pictures taken by drones.

1. Summer friendship in Tahiti

2. Mount St. Michel never fails to take our breath away.

3. It was worth the scare.

4. The net looks like the northern lights.

5. The night is beautiful in Zeus’ kingdom.

6. It even looks as if the shark knew which angle to take.

7. “Round dance of shadows in Odessa, Ukraine”

8. Crossing the forest in a curvy way

9. The origins of incense

10. Nice to meet you, whale.

11. Sorry to intrude.

12. He’s admiring his home.

13. All roads lead to Paris.

14. Traditional floating market in Cambodia

15. Crossing a river with majestic elephants

16. On their way home at 1,812 meters above sea

17. A view of the most southern point of Portugal

18. Hippos high school reunion

19. The simple beauty of rice terraces in Bali

20. A flower dream in Provence

21. Finding a new use for an old thing

22. Can you imagine the view from the train?

23. This must be the way seals go on vacation

24. A duck keeper, it’s a thing

25. Passing through water lilies

Technology has enabled us to appreciate the Earth at a whole new level. Which scene do you think would be cool to see from above? Which places would you use a drone to explore? Show your creativity below!

Preview photo credit hobopeeba / Instagram


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These photos make me want to buy a drone ?
I know it's really expensive but still it's worth it


I think the view from the train in #22 is just incredible


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