25+ Excessive Packaging Examples That Are Pure Evil

4 years ago

Pre-cracked eggs, individually wrapped chips, 50 feet of paper for one bag of kitty litter, or a big box for a single tiny battery — it`s just mind-blowing how much packaging we use for even the tiniest things. The most egregious examples of unnecessary packaging that we found on the web give us a nervous tic.

Here at Bright Side we were let down by this absurdly excessive packaging and found it important to share this compilation with you.

1. Packaging for a card holder that I got as a gift

2. Clearly organic, duh!

3. Amazon, why do you do this?

4. 80th level of madness

5. 2 boxes of tea... 30+ feet of bubble wrap

6. Really glad my made from recycled materials & biodegradable sponges came wrapped together and individually in plastic.

7. 50 feet of paper for one bag of kitty litter

8. “We want less plastic” they said...

9. I wish cans could have some kind of protective cover...

10. Gourmet treats, apparently, require individual wrapping.

11. One. Single. Battery.

12. Individually wrapped candy is apparently more important than the environment.

13. A huge box, just for some gum

14. 6 Tic Tacs per small box, packaged in a jumbo box... Wow!

15. Thanks Amazon, for this excessively large box for a single tube of sunscreen...

16. “Finally a way to transport garlic cloves hygienically...”

17. Sephora is at it again for a .05 oz container of concealer.

18. Just one question. Why?

19. 4 bite-sized pieces of watermelon

20. 103 g of tuna

21. “During the mating season, the masking tape must be separated to avoid any unnecessary violence.”

22. “I ordered a custom eyeshadow palette...”

23. Wouldn’t it be nice if bananas already had their own natural packaging?

24. 3 pairs of drumsticks came separately in boxes that were way bigger than necessary.

25. A tiny “Hot water” label!

26. “Pens for my work that are each individually wrapped in plastic.”

27. HelloFresh: How else would you ship 4 carrots?

The individually wrapped pills is an absolute “winner” in our mind. Have you ever seen any eco-unfriendly packaging? We’d be happy to see your stories and pictures in the comment section below!


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Me too. I also received an order which contains small locks of 10cm size packed in a 2 feet long package.funny


Um all of this is actually done because of us ungrateful humans. Somebody can order a single tissue and complain that it came in broken and they want their money back but won't send the product back. I know this because I sell online and our world is full of a bunch of knit pickers that had a bad day.


Worked for a big box home improvement retailer once in their receiving office. Full size tractor and trailer delivered a packet of 4 screws. Could have been mailed for $1.00 but no an entire truck was used to deliver them. Seeing the Amazon deliveries some of there waste is because how they are set up. You might order 3 cans of soup but depending on warehouse location they may get put in three boxes and all arrive as one delivery. The oversized boxes may be employees don’t care and use what’s handy to pack items


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