25+ Genius Inventions You Can Use to Solve Problems You Face Every Day

3 years ago

A UV sanitizer that can be powered by your phone, a label that will tell you if the meat you’re going to buy is fresh or expired, a Christmas tree that does not harm the environment — all of these are just a few examples of simple yet priceless inventions that can make our lives far more comfortable.

Here at Bright Side we take our hats off to the genius minds that have invented tools for helping us spend less time and effort on routine tasks and challenges. We’d love for you to take a look at this new set of solutions that won’t leave any comfort lover indifferent.

1. The Uvlen digital sanitizer is powered by your phone’s flashlight.

2. These meat labels react to ammonia, a byproduct of meat spoilage. Once it turns completely blue, the barcode can no longer be scanned for sale.

3. My hospital’s Vein Finder illuminates veins and helps medical professionals find and assist with IV insertions.

4. My shopping bag has a printed holiday pattern on it so it can be reused as wrapping paper.

5. There are bins along cycle paths in the Netherlands that allow you to throw out trash without slowing down.

6. Seasoning in magnetic cans that can be stored on the fridge door

7. You can learn a basic waltz while waiting in line at Checkers.

8. Toothbrush with replaceable bristles, so you don’t have to keep buying a new handle

9. Mexico just started requiring warning labels on food and drink products with excessive sugar, calories, or sodium.

10. Appropriate soap for before or after you eat

11. A hydration chart in a toilet

12. Squeaky kid’s shoes with a switch to turn off the squeaking

13. Bitter tasting batteries to prevent kids from swallowing them

14. An egg holder you can use to store and boil many eggs at once

15. A Christmas tree that won’t harm any tree

16. Bath shoulder water sprinkler

17. This furniture design doubles as a home gym & fits perfectly in any space.

18. A mug that is operated by your phone and keeps your drink at a set temperature.

19. Cork yoga mat covered with hundreds of exercises: 60 stretching exercises, 60 yoga poses, and 60 workout exercises.

20. A chair for sitting cross-legged (or in several other positions) for better posture

21. A mini-fridge that can both keep your food fresh and sterilize everything: from your car keys to your phone

22. A mug for tea or coffee with a color match guide for making the right type of drink

23. A candle holder that also serves as a decorative object by creating a shadow play

24. Earrings for people who don’t want to pierce their ears

25. A small clip that can replace the whole belt for jeans and trousers

26. Anatomic earbuds designed to fit into the ear even while sleeping, made from recycled plastic

27. Dough rollers, for making patterned cookies quickly and easily

28. A compact portable car that is the size of a 13-inch laptop can go at a top speed of up to 16 km/h.

What is a tool that makes your life so much easier and that you’d recommend for everyone to buy?

Preview photo credit HollowedGrave / Reddit


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