24 Ingenious People Who Can Always Find a Way Out of Any Situation

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Laziness is the engine of progress, as many say. But we believe that all the truly valuable life hacks are born in situations that seem to have no way out — that’s when ingenuity wakes up. And these people are a living proof of it!

1. When you don`t have enough whipped cream:

2. When you’re not allowed to eat on the bus, and you have a 6 pack of drinkable yogurt and an empty stomach.

3. It’s ok, mommy`ll fix it!

4. Nice try, though!

5. Let’s see you little punks smash my mailbox now.

6. My mom’s advanced television remote system

7. When you’re in the Christmas spirit, and you only have ingenuity and some medical materials at hand:

8. When you don’t want anyone to steal your package:

9. “I broke the phone screen on purpose, it’s called art, look it up.”

10. Now this car needs 3 more dents to make a full team!

11. When no pre-made Halloween costume fits you, take advantage of it and create your own!

12. “You’ll find the key hidden in your room, good luck cleaning!”

13. “My daughter is currently pulling a D- in math. This is her phone.”

14. “Technically, I never fell asleep during class.”

15. Legit genius — level 80

16. Taking traffic time as an opportunity to chill is a whole new level of life!

17. No question — no problem!

18. When everyone is too lazy to stand in line:

19. “My dad’s Christmas tree...”

20. When you need to do the shopping quickly:

21. When you need to go up a steep mountain to take out the trash:

22. A brilliant way for pregnant women to rest on their stomachs!

23. When you’re tired of sitting at your desk but still have work to do:

24. When your gingerbread house fails, just add a dinosaur!

Do you have any personal lifehacks we could add to this list? We`d be happy to see your pics and stories in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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23 and 24 are not smart. Where is she going to put her shopping in 23 and what if the driver loses grip on the bin?


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