25+ Kitchen Gadgets That Can Make You Fall in Love With Cooking

4 years ago

kitchen is like a whole different world compared to other rooms in an apartment or a house. It is a place where magic happens. And there are some things that can make the process of making magic dishes even easier and more fun. For example, you won`t have to stand at the stove for hours stirring your delicious soup or sauce — an automatic stirrer can do that for you while you relax on the couch!

Bright Side has found some handy kitchen tools that can really change your cooking game!

1. A rolling watermelon slicer

2. A knife and cutlery cleaner

3. A smart cutting board with a built-in scale, timer, and knife sharpener

4. A clip-on colander that fits all size pans

5. A tool that cleans whisks and allows you to save the food that would normally go to waste

6. A folding chopping board

7. A spill stopper that prevents water from boiling over or oil from splattering

8. An engraved rolling pin

9. A bagel slicer

10. Snow globe salt and pepper shakers

11. A finger protector

12. 2-in-1 spatula tongs

13. A butter churner

14. An herb stripper

15. A foldable splatter screen

16. This cutlery holder

17. Silicone cleaning gloves

18. A 2-in-1 mesh skimmer spoon and tong

19. A ball that makes ice cream while you play with it

20. A honey dispenser

21. An automatic pan stirrer

22. A butter spreader

23. A weighing spoon

24. A salad spinner for washing and drying greens

25. A rotating peeler

26. An over-the-sink cutting board with a colander

27. A glass globe for oil and vinegar

28. This cookie press

What gadget would you like to get? Do you have any other cool things in your kitchen? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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