25+ Pets Who Forgot What Personal Space Means

2 years ago

Living under one roof with an adorable pet surely adds warmth and joy to our daily lives. But excessive familiarity can open the doors to some really awkward situations. Sometimes our furry friends might demand our full attention at our busiest moments. They might even decide to permanently stick by our side even when we visit the bathroom. But no matter what, we always end up welcoming this clingy behavior with open arms when it comes from them.

At Bright Side, we love it when tricky situations get mixed with a dose of cuteness that’s hard to resist. This is why we have gathered some lovely photos that will surely add a ray of sunshine to your day.

1. ’’Almost 6 months old and still a daily ritual.’’

2. It’s this dog’s world and we’re just living in it.

3. ’’She’s actually terrifying.’’

4. ’’My cat usually showers with me but decided to hop in with my fiancé this morning instead.’’

5. At least one of them looks comfortable.

6. ’’Meet my cat Scampi.’’

7. ’’My dog loves to check everything.’’

8. Nap buddy

9. ’’Angry cat hiding in my daughter’s drawer.’’

10. ’’Stage 5 clinger won’t let me pee alone.’’

11. ’’Long stray cat resting on the warmth of a newly parked car.’’

12. His comfort zone.

13. Out of any of the other spots they could have chosen to lie down, they decided to take a nap on her dress.

14. Do not disturb or move human, I am deep in sleep.

15. ’’I tried to snap a pic of the cat snuggling my head and ended up with this.’’

16. ’’My cat likes to take baths with me.’’

17. ’’Professional Shower Supervisor’’

18. ’’Here’s what happens when I try to study.’’

19. ’’This is how my cat waits for my boyfriend to come home.’’

20. You should only have eyes for me.

21. ’’I feel like my dog is telling me I have too many cats.’’

22. ’’I spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed, found him asleep in a wok on top of the freezer.’’

23. ’’I can’t get a moment alone. I thought cats hated water.’’

24. ’’This is my cat hiding under flyers with googly eyes.’’

25. ’’My cat likes to hide inside pillowcases when the maintenance people come.’’

26. ’’He goes from the toilet, to the sink, climbs on my shoulders, and perches on my head.’’

Do you have a pet in your life? What would your reaction be if a fuzzy, adorable animal demanded your full attention at all times?

Preview photo credit Miss_Lame/Reddit


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