25+ Photos Showing How Naughty Cats and Dogs Confess Their Crimes

5 years ago

Pets can be very naughty, but they’re just so cute and good at making “I’m sorry” puppy eyes that we can only laugh at what they’ve done. But we still can get a bit of revenge by sharing their stories with the rest of the world.

We at Bright Side couldn’t resist sharing these hilarious pictures with you.

1. “In my defense, it looked like candy.”

2. “I will do anything for my beautiful family.”

3. “I eat the shaming notes too.”

4. Doggos can’t resist KFC.

5. “Mom, how do you know that I did it?”

6. “I just thought that it should look different.”

7. “Not impressed.”

8. “Because I can.”

9. “Oopsy...”

10. “This duo cannot be stopped!”

11. Best wishes!

12. “It seemed like the right thing to do.”

13. “It was an instinct.”

14. “We are a team.”

15. “I can poop out messages now.”

16. “I swear it was the dog next door.”

17. “I just have a creative mind, that’s all.”

18. Reaching for the sky

19. “Yes, I’m very particular with my chewing habits.”

20. “You’ve been warned.”

21. “Relax, it’s only money.”

22. “In my defense, it was a very big mouse.”

23. Each one plays their own role.

24. When a pet decides to get a pet:

25. “I can find the way in and I can find the way out.”

26. “Ok, this is getting embarrassing, other dogs will laugh at me.”

Do you have your own naughty canines at home? Tell us about them in the comments and share the photo if you have “evidence”.

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, unknown / imgur


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