25 Photos That’ll Brighten Up Your Darkest Day

4 years ago

There are 3 things that we can look at forever — a burning fire, natural running water, and heartwarming pictures of cutie-pie animals or people that immediately boost any cranky mood, whether it’s a family of dogs cuddling with their newborns, garbage men swinging on a break, or the touching reunion of a lost cat and its mom.

Here at Bright Side we invite you to enjoy this compilation of awwdorable pics that are the cure to any depressing day! If your colleagues catch you giggling at this, just let them know that you’re increasing your productivity!

1. When your pupper’s got on mismatched socks:

2. When you find your significant otter:

3. “Egg Boi, defender of the farm”

4. Shiba that never stops smiling

5. Apparently owls have really long legs!

6. I’ve never seen more proud parents.

7. The little paws identify the level of happiness.

8. Look at those teeny-tiny paws!

9. Farm buddies

10. Where can we buy these chips?

11. Friendship fit for a Pixar movie!

12. This dog seems to love his new floof hat!

13. Here’s the ultimate illustration of “puppy eyes”!

14. High Paw!

15. “I think I found the happiest lamb of all time.”

16. Different age, same sploots!

17. Good boys sit like hoomans.

18. Garbage men taking a break

19. Cuteness overload!

20. The love of a partner can’t be contained!

21. I bet he’s the happiest astronaut!

22. “This cat is hugging his mom after being lost for 5 hours.”

23. Spooning babies will melt anyone’s hearts!

24. When the bed is a little bit too big for the pug pup:

25. Hello little friend, are you a doggo too?

We have to admit that the dog with milk teeth has absolutely taken our hearts! Which character of this compilation did you fall in love with? We would also be glad to see your adorable photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit favoriites_ / instagram


have never seen anything more adorable than a chick an an egg shell on its head. What a cutie ❤️❤️❤️

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