25 Photos We Had a Hard Time Making Sense Of

4 years ago

The world is not always ruled by the law of logic and you'll be able to understand exactly why we say this when you look at the photos included in this article.

We believe that our readers are fun-loving, clever, and smart people. So we at Bright Side wanted to give you a couple of fun riddles – can you make sense out of the pictures you're about to see?

25. That's not what they mean by "let your hair breathe." Is it?

24. He was probably chasing a cat, right?

23. Uhh...Is she a gymnast or something?

22. The guy in the back seems jealous of these goggles.

21. I feel like someone got themselves into a hairy situation.

20. You just gotta keep on trying.

19. A relative of the "couch potato."

18. These Greyhounds can actually run faster than the moped...

17. I feel better about spilling coffee on my laptop now.

16. When you want braids but only have gummy snakes:

15. Handy

14. They say kids are growing up too fast these days. Well, parts of them sure are.

13. "Let me hold your briefcase while you're fishing."

12. This ball will make your opponents fear you:

11. Seems nicely strapped.

10. There's a new dog breed in town – Climbing Labrador.

9. Cable's gotta cable.

8. He's definitely got an opinion on your driving skills.

7. Precious things should be locked down.

6. Would you like an Unhappy Meal?

5. Even this camel knows he's outta place:

4. How thoughtful...

3. Nice touch.

2. Did he try to smuggle a puppy into the toilet?

1. Aren't you forgetting something?

What did you think about these photos? Be sure to share in the comment section!

Preview photo credit LeniRiefenstahl/imgur, kevenm/imgur


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