25+ Sphynx Cats Who Won Our Hearts, and We Didn’t Even Try to Resist Their Charm

3 years ago

When people talk about “a beautiful cat,” we rarely think about Sphynx cats. But we’re wrong, because they’re lovely representatives of the feline family, even if they don’t have a gorgeous fur coat. These cats can express their feelings with numerous facial expressions and have a friendly character, and every happy owner of a Sphynx cat will confirm that for you.

Bright Side tried to prove that the Sphynxes aren’t “ugh” but they’re cute creatures, and we think that we did it well. And the bonus will make you conspiratorially smile.

“Charlotte loves traveling.”

An incredible kitty

“When you’re helping the grandpa concentrate”

It’s impossible to look away from these eyes.

“Feeling good in this hat.”

“I finally met my little man! I can’t wait to bring him home!”

This is what love looks like.

A warm-up before exercising

The cover for our band’s album is ready.

Enjoy your meal.

“My cat is a work of art.”

We want to pet him so much.

“Mom, I’m a cute kitty, right?”

To keep your ears warm

A rainbow cat

The light is so bright.

“There is no work there if I am here!”

Have sweet dreams.

“Beware of the dog. And the cat too, she’s kind of weird.”

“My precious”

Bath time

“Mom is watching you”

Give me those cute kittens.

When they said that you aren’t the most beautiful cat on earth:

What a tail!

It feels so good to lie in the sun!

Who says that the tail isn’t tasty?

When you said something stupid:

This look makes your blood run cold.

Bonus: The first rule of Fight Club...

What other cute but underappreciated animals do you know of?

Preview photo credit huntingme / reddit


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Sadly not for me, the best part about my cat is how fluffy he is and it's great to cuddle with them!


I always thought that these cats has a skin disease until I grew up and learned it was an actual breed ? my neighbor had 2 of these


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