20+ Unusual People Whose Looks Can Take Your Breath Away

2 months ago

They say there’s something unique about every person, but, looking at some, you might involuntarily think that they got the whole, unique package. Internet users did not hesitate to tell us about these uncommon features of their appearance, and they’re really impressive.

Bright Side collected 20+ photos for you, of people who you can’t take your eyes off of. And at the end, you’ll get a bonus proving that cats can be unique too.

“My left eye is about 1/3 grey.”

“Don’t mind me, just charging.”

This guy has anisocoria — a symptom in which one pupil is functioning normally and the other one is always in a fixed position.

“Melanin goddess” Khoudia Diop — a model with the darkest skin in the world.

“This is the first full body picture I dared to take.”

“I have a condition called dermatographism, where I can ‘write’ on my skin and it appears as a rash.”

Edam — the baby with the darkest skin

“I was born missing my right pinky finger.”

“A kid from Nepal with Cat eye syndrome.”

“Vitiligo affecting one side of a man’s face.”

This girl used her prothesis as a chalkboard during her trip around Europe.

The bodybuilder Ia Östergren has disproportionately long legs. Her height is 5’8″, and the length of her legs is 3’5″.

“I had my eye removed due to genetic degradation. My ocularist made me this prosthetic as a gift!”

“My ring finger goes ghostly white when I’m cold. ”

Friends with bionic hands

This girl lacks the thumb joints and creases.

“I was born with a scar on my eye.”

“Dirt stuck to my normal skin but not my scars.”

“I can see the internal bruising in my finger when I hold my hand up to a light.”

Ava Clarke — an African American girl with albinism

“My friend lost his leg, but not his sense of humor.”

Elaine Davidson — the most pierced woman in the world

Bonus: this cat has extremely long legs.

What unusual traits are there in your appearance? Please show them to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit linh bình dương


With all those photoshopped pictures all over the internet, I don't really trust articles like this!! Is that dark black baby really that black???

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