15 Users Showed How Different Instagram Is From Reality, and It Can Make You Way More Confident

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Instagram, amongst other social media platforms, keeps being considered a bad environment for mental health, according to the latest scientific studies. Usually, disappointment quickly sets in when people start comparing their lives to seemingly perfect photos online — and almost no one thinks about how these “perfect pictures” were created in the first place. Thankfully, some users are ready to reveal what their lives looked like before the perfect click, without digital filters or staged perfection.

Before and after taken about 30 seconds apart

Nobody looks good in the morning.

Everything depends on the angle.

Trash looks bad no matter where it is.

It’s not just bodies and faces that get tune-ups on Instagram.

It appears that the rainbow is fake.

It’s always like this.

10 minutes after cleaning and 10 hours later

Behind the stage of perfect photo

Just imagine what the process looked like.

Before the party / after the party

This is the same girl.

There is something wrong with this photo.

It should be prohibited to tag people in photos.

Instagram vs Real-life motherhood

Do you prefer to post real or idealized photos?

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit hiittrainer / Reddit


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I realized long time ago that all these photos are fake. I remember how I used to get sad because I'm not that perfect as all those "models"

I feel like anyone can be an Insta model nowadays - just learn how to make poses and find a good angle, and you are ready!


I still like good insta shots, not of people, but of some places. It just makes me feel that world around us is incredible beautiful


Girls probably spent more time on creating "reality" photo than on the "expectation" one


ok I knew girls could make themselves to look just awesome on Insta..but muscles and guys..


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