26 Kids Who Made Their Parents Proud

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2 years ago

Parents are the people who always support us no matter what and help us with anything we do.

Bright Side has collected 26 examples of children who did all they could to make their parents proud of them.

Like father, like son. Pvt. Howard Urban is congratulated by his father Sgt. Maj. Howard Urban at the 75th Ranger Regiment RASP Class 05-15 Graduation at Fort Benning.

A proud aboriginal man traveled 2,000 miles to watch his granddaughter graduate.

“I waited a couple decades to post this. Walking in my father’s footsteps.”

“My son finished 4th in the race because instead of running across the finish line, he ran to hug me. Oh well, he won my heart.”

“1994 vs 2017... just like my momma.”

“15 years ago my dad was handcuffed and taken away from me. He was deported back to Nigeria. I thought I would NEVER see my dad again. Yesterday I saw him for the first time since I was 8.”

“Yesterday was my daughter’s 6th birthday. Her wish was to help ‘feed hungry people.’ She collected all this food to donate to the local food pantry. I’m a very proud father.”

A proud son taking a photo with his proud, but tired, dad.

“My dad loving the sight of his son being a dad.”

Like father like son. Left: 1975. Right: 2012.

A son caring for his elderly mother

“My son caught his first fish all by himself. Told me it was for Father’s Day. So proud.”

My little brother just became the most prolific braille reader in school history...he doubled the next best reader.

“Our 8-year-old son woke up early this morning to put together stockings for me and his mom...which were plastic bags full of what you see here.”

“My dad was a policeman for 30 years, and now my sister is a police officer. She even works at the same police station my dad did. This is what my sister gave my dad for Christmas.”

“Me and my mom became American citizens today!”

Like father, like son.

“My 12-year-old daughter drew a portrait of me and put in on a mug for Father’s Day.”

“Mom and Dad teaching me how to ski, 1987-88.”

Proud dad moment

“Together we will rule the galaxy as father and son.”

“The kids made me breakfast for Father’s Day.”

“Proud day with my 4-year-old daughter”

“My daughter decorated a chess set for me as a gift, and played her first game with me tonight...”

Dad and me, 1997 and now

“My father’s day gift to my dad. I tried recreating the picture of him. His picture: 1970’s at around the age of 26. My picture: Me right now at 25.”

Bonus: It’s not only kids can make someone proud.

“My parents went back to college together and they graduated today. Together.”

Have you had situations where you made your parents really proud? Tell us your stories in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit p_cilly / Twitter


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